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Oh it’s so nice in here. So safe and warm and cozy and nothing can hurt me. But those walls, they creep closer and closer and closer until your comfort zone is tiny and everything else becomes difficult, or scary, or hard.


It’s a tough truth but you have to push against the edges, spend time doing things that are tough, scary, difficult, uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if you’re not successful at first, it’s all just feedback on a journey to success. No-one picks up a cello and is amazing first time, no-one puts on a tutu and twirls like a princess without striving, no-one nails their first raid in WoW without failing, learning, getting better.

Last night I was fortunate enough to test The Crystal Maze (yes I was a tad overexcited as a childhood dream came true). Despite being in to this sort of stuff (I’m a bit of an immersive game connoisseur – escape rooms, running around the streets on the tail of spies, VR zombies) I was well out of my comfort zone. A group of strangers. A new challenge. The unknown awaited…

I stepped up. I was team leader. I made some bad decisions but we left the maze with our heads held high – one team member short, the fewest crystals, the least time going in to the dome. Did we win? We’ll never know as the final pieces of the game weren’t finished. But I know we all won and my comfort zone got that little bit bigger.

Go and do something new today. No matter how big or small. You’re amazing.

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