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12 Experts

Growing Together Exponentially – GTeX – founded by Simone Vincenzi and Ben Shorter, works to develop the knowledge, skills and experience of personal development professionals

On their blog they regularly gather experts in the field to share their top tips.



More clients

This month they have gathered 12 experts to share their top tips on gaining more clients.

Robin Bates, founder of Coaching for Geeks, was asked for his top client reaching tip – you can read the GTeX blog to find out what it is.


This has been a difficult post

I’ll be honest with you – Robin is pretty succinct in his words. It hasn’t given me much to work with yet SEO demands at least 500 words.

Go and find out more about GTeX.


I thought of something!

Robin Bates of Coaching for Geeks wins an award from Daniel Priestley, authro of Key Person of Influence, at teh GTeX Awards at the aPalace of Westminster with Simone Vincenzi, Ben Shorter, And Lovelda Smith












Robin won a GTeX award last year, because he’s so awesome. it was presented by Daniel Priestley, author of the best-selling Key Person of Influence.

If you want to be a leader in your field g and read that now.



That should be enough. Carry on.


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