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Coaching for geeks meets Pokemon’s Veronica Taylor at MCM London (2018)


Away from all the mayhem and hubbub of the main halls we had a fantastic intimate interview with the talented Veronica Taylor, I rather cleverly like the total noob that I am managed to record absolutely nothing as I managed to press the wrong button on Robin’s dictaphone! But I remember it vividly…

So in walked Veronica Taylor who was blown away by the amount of people there to interview her. I had seen how busy she had been all day and she was one of the most engaging stars at the signing tables, she would rarely sit down and spent most of her time at the front of her table which is fantastic for fans, none of this 2 foot rule business. I have met Veronica and her daughter Rena before randomly had the pleasure of taking a picture of the two of them and John Altman aka Eastenders original bad boy Nasty Nick, with Veronicas phone for her Twitter feed. Random fact but a totally awesome team up.

CFG Veronica Taylor

Veronica said how she was amazed at how busy it was at the event for her she loved that she had fans that she’d previously met come to say hi again and meeting so many new fans was lovely for her. She answered a question about the fandom and passion for the Pokemon world. She said how it’s been twenty odd years and people are still talking about it, and how the fans can relate to the unrealness and find themselves somehow following the paths the characters journeys. The merchandise is proof of that with the improving technology, Pokemon go for instance giving a whole new life to the world of Pokemon. Admittedly she said she has an extremely low score. Still something awesome to think of Ash playing Pokemon go!  

Veronica was questioned on how she got the part of being the voice of Ash. She said she was working on another Anime called Slayers at the time, she was given the chance to audition for Pokemon “luckily” and she said she was even more lucky to receive the part. She wishes she still voiced ash now and said that their wasn’t any other character she would have preferred to voice. Originally they had to mimic the original Japanese voices and then it developed into what they could comfortably do doing the voice of a 10 year old boy isn’t the easiest, but I’m sure well all agree she did a fantastic job.

CFG Veronica Taylor

Other questions were which Pokemon was your favourite – Pikachu

Which Pokemon would you be – Lapras due to the floating along and calm.

It was a good 15 min interview and it was great to see Veronica who IS a Pokemon fan and more importantly a fan of the fans.

Rob Turner – loved meeting Veronica Taylor, a fan of fans


JForJen: Great Pokemon piece by artist Jennie Brown

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