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That’s a long headline. But we are! We’ll be hosting panels and workshops around the theme of geek confidence at MCM London May 2019.

It’s all about the confidence. And the cosplay. And the haters. And the gaming…

Here’s our schedule, we hope to see you at Excel London!


Robin and the CfG team will be shooting a YouTube video on confidence and cosplay. He’s never cosplayed before so will be donning a costume and meeting cosplayers to find out how cosplaying empowers them, overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there, and having fun.

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14:00-14:45 – The Studio Theatre

It’s a really snappy title! Fortunately Robin will be joined by some incredible guests to talk about their content creator journey. Here’s the official blurb:

Anyone putting their work out there needs the confidence to be able to do so. So many people don’t hit ‘go live’ or ‘publish’ button because they lack the confidence to do so. Our panel share their challenges, successes, and top tips to have more confidence in your work and grow your presence online.

So who do we have?



Gaming YouTuber Ocatv1us, formerly Octav1us Kitter,  is a mother to rats (and Baby Pac-Man), and player of games and con-soles from the 80s and 90s. Ocatv1us is a regular guest on Digitiser 2000, is half of octanerdle with Nostalgia Nerd, and in the real world is Sarah, who is open about their own challenges with mental health on and off camera. Ocatav1us has cultivated a delightfully odd alter ego on  you should subscribe immediately. and watch all the vids.

You can follow the adventures of Ocatv1us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch.

I’ve selected Octav1us playing the BBC Micro Classic Granny’s Garden to embed, because I was an actual child when it came out and I played it at school, where I got killed by those fucking dragons. YES RED DRAGON, I KNOW NOW THAT YOU WANTED THE BUNS AND NOT THE CHIPS.



Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope from Slope’s Game Room aims to bring you the complete history on your gaming past, your nostalgia is safe with him! Taking a deep dive into games and Kickstarter scammers, DJ Slope pays special attention to the editing process. He created the first video for his channel on June 10th 2014 and now is a full time subscriber to the content creator life.

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I’ve selected ‘The Weirdest Street Fighter Game You Never Knew Existed’ from Slope’s Game Room to embed, because whenever someone says that I always knew it existed… except this time I didn’t and was enthralled by this find!

You can also follow DJ Slope and Slope’s Game Room at his Website, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.


Kim Justice makes in depth gaming documentaries. Having grown up a SEGA Mega Drive gamer, you won’t find a huge amount of Nintendo – however the ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga, PS2, PC, Arcade and indeed the Nintendo Entertainment System all get some attention, as well as UK software houses of the 80s and 90s. Kim has a no bullshit approach to both gaming and life, and isn’t afraid of tackling the darkest parts of the British gaming scene’s past.

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I’ve picked The Rise and Fall of Peter Molyneux to embed, the first of an epic 4 part series on the man, the myth, the Peter himself.

You can follow Kim on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.

Then probably we’ll hit the bar. I promise this whole endeavour isn’t solely an excuse to meet the people I admire…




Much less as the show opens at 9am and closes at 5pm and we have two panels to host!


11:00-11:45 – The Studio Theatre

Putting yourself out there means getting haters and trolls up in your messages. Our panellists share their top tips and strategies for rising above, blocking, killing them with kindness, or beating them at their own game. You’ll never have to pay the troll toll again.

Robin Bates – The Coaching for Geeks Overlord presents:


Beth, known online as Amazonian Cosplay, is an Award Winning British Cosplayer. She began crafting costumes at the young age of 13, stemming originally from a love of detailed Fantasy Video Game costumes, and has since gone on to produce Cosplay work with the likes of Marvel, Ubisoft, Cartoon Network and Xbox.

With a ‘devil is in the detail’ approach Amazonian has developed a passion for capturing a costumes intricacies others may miss, learning new techniques with each costume creation. Her skillset now proudly extends to sculpting, leatherwork, blacksmithing, and her one true love, embroidery.

Beth also has a skill for the accidentally inflammatory tweet, and has fought for cosplayers to get more recognition on many an occasion.

You can see all her crafting progress and magical photoshoots on the Amazonian Cosplay Instagram.

Beth also occasionally writes for Coaching for Geeks.




Dan Meredith is the bestselling author of  How To Be F*cking Awesome, the brains behind entrepreneurial community Coffee With Dan, and is also my business mentor, so Comic Con pretty much became an exam for me…

Dan has a FAP (Fun and Profits) approach to business and life, and loves a filthy meme as much as he loves taking trolls down with his ridiculous and fast paced brain.

I apologise in advance for the things that may come out of his mouth. They’ll be very funny and ridiculously useful, so listen in and hopefully we don’t get banned from Comic Con.

Dan loves his Ducati more than anything else in the world.



15:00 – 15:30 – Main Stage

Coaching for Geeks’ founder and trained coach Robin Bates (that’s me!) takes to the stage with friends to tackle body confidence and how to express who you are, in and out of character.


Photography Credit: Instagram @danielpullenphotography

Atom has featured in everything from Syndicate videos to on the side of buses! Having recently performed alongside Microsoft, Atom Cosplay is equipped to answer any question about cosplay; from how to build foam armour to how to handle working in the professional environment.

‘I never really knew cosplay existed at first. I made costumes for fancy dress parties and Halloween, I entered my first Masquerade and fell in love. I work mainly with eva foam, expanding foam, cardboard etc, and love to upcycle/recycle anything into a costume. Since getting the hang of Foam Smithing, I’ve started adding motors, LEDs and even homemade smoke machines into my cosplays.’

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‘Nice to meet all you lovely costumers and cosplayers alike! If you want to know a little bit about me, I have been an avid cosplayer for 6 years now and still loving every minute of it.

I wear a combination of homemade and bought Costumes, although as time went by I found simply getting into a costume my favourite part! Cosplay, to me, is bringing the characters I love to life. I enjoy bringing smiles to both kids and adults as I bring their beloved characters to life in the real world!

My favourite cosplay to date is hard to choose, one of my favourite’s will always be my Ariel from my little mermaid, used for children’s parties and Charities to help raise money.’

Follow Cosqueenie on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.


Photo Credit: Laughing Orc photography

DC Theo Models has been cosplaying for 5 years and builds mainly out of foam. ‘I love trying new materials and experimenting, my Reinhardt used a method of Pepakura. I also make what are classed as big builds. These are on platforms, or just bigger than me! Characters I have fallen in love keep me motivated, my Berserker Armour took 5 months but was worth it for the end result!

I’m seriously excited to return to MCM, I have been lucky enough to place Judges choice at MCM London 2016 and won MCM London 2017 Sunday Masquerade so I’m looking forward to seeing all the incredible costumes and meeting people!

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Photography Credit: Dark Angel Photography

‘I’m Ed (otherwise known as @his_imperialness) and I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years. What started as an occasional indulgence has now become a permanent part of my life!

Cosplay allowed me to discover a shiny world of beautiful people who coexist in the fandom-verse to support each other. From my humble beginnings as a Capitol Citizen (gold hair is fabulous…) I worked my way through Wonderland as the White Rabbit until I decided to pursue a path of villainous genderbending. If you like sass, sparkle and cosplays you may or may not recognise, then I’m the kind of cosplayer for you!

Cosplaying is an ego boost; it can be a fragile bubble but all it takes is that one compliment and then I feel unstoppable! If you ever see a cosplay you like, even if you haven’t a clue what it is, please tell the cosplayer. You really could add some sparkle to their day!’

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Phew! We have a busy weekend at MCM Comic Con London May 2019.

Comin along? Say hi. Check out our MCM London Convention Survival Guide. And come along to one of our panels!

Have an awesome con and we’ll see you soon.



Robin Bates – contabulous darling

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