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PodUK is a celebration of the UK podcasting scene, and is set to take place in Birmingham Millennium Point on Saturday February 2nd.

Hosted by Rocksalt Events and sponsored by Present Communications Ltd and Hindenburg Systems, PodUk is a fan focussed event, allowing you to get up close and meet your favourite podcasters.

Including Coaching for Geeks’ own Robin Bates. I caught up with Robin to ask him what’s happening at PodUK.


What’s happening at PodUK?

Hello Robin, tell me about what you’re doing at PodUK.

Hello! Coaching for Geeks is proud to be involved with PodUK and I’ll be taking part in a ‘Grow Your Podcast Audience’ panel as well as running some group coaching for podcasters in my meet and greet.


A Panel? Who else is involved in that?

BAFTA nominated podcaster Ewan Spence from Eurovision Song Contest Insight (home of the unofficial Eurovision Song Contest Podcast)  and Jay Ludgrove, Managing Director of GLProUK. Plus some yet to be announced panellists.


Growing a podcast? Didn’t you lose all your subscribers?

I sure did, NEVER PUT SWEARS ON ITUNES. They pulled our RSS feed and it had to be resubmitted, so we went largely back to the start in terms of subscribers and reviews. We still get decent download numbers, but the heady days of being 7th in the UK chart are but a distant memory.

So I can talk about how we got to number 7 and what I did to spoil that.


You live and learn right?



What about the meet and greet?

That’s going tobe a group coaching session for podcasters, on a similar theme. They’ll all tell me their difficulties in growing their audiences, and then they’ll solve them for each other.


That sounds lazy…

I am a coach, I am there to ask the questions and hold the space. And chip in with what I know and make sure each of them leaves with a plan of action to grow their listeners.

Also… rude.


Sorry. OK enough about you, who else is appearing?

I’m so glad you asked. There’s a whole bunch of great podcasters appearing at PodUK:

Wooden Overcoats

The No Sleep Podcast

We Fix Space Junk

The Orphans


How We Roll

A Scottish Podcast

And there’ll also be panels and workshops with some of the above, Podcraft and Hindenburg Systems.


Oh! Lots of drama and spooky things! OK now it sounds good.

There’ll be live recordings from some of them too as well as voice acting workshops, sound engineering, all sorts of good stuff.


Fab. Where can I get a ticket?

Head to PodUk’s site for more info or over to eventbrite to book a ticket.


Thanks very much.

Get out of my kitchen.


Listen to the Coaching for Geeks Podcast and find out why it got to number 7 in the UK charts.


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