CfG’s Creator of the Month June 2019 – BurntPieCreations (Week 2)

Welcome to Week 2 of Coaching for Geeks ‘creator of the month’ for June 2019Today we look at a selection of pieces from the very talented Jordan K Thomas (BurntPieCreations) along with a little insight to each.

You can find more of Jordan’s great work at these locations:

 Burning can give you so many different kinds of feel to suit a particular theme. Legends of Zelda is just brilliant to give the feel of a mythical legend etched and burned into the wood. So it was a case of sooner or later before I did something like this, and of course, made and gifted for a Zelda fan!
Deathly Hallows bridge: I started this simply because I realised I had done no Harry Potter burns and that just won’t stand! The Deathly Hallows art is just ripe for recreating on wood, I was given this waney edge for free and had it waiting for a good idea. It was also the first time I engraved the wood as well to create extra effects and texture for the magic.
Pokemon (sugimori): Regarding Pokemon, I don’t think it can get much more nostalgic that Sugimori’s Pokemon artwork (Red/Blue cover art for example). So it was going to happen sooner or later that I would burn and watercolour for a tribute!
Lugia: SoulSilver is probably my favourite Pokemon game out of the lot, so I was pretty pleased to get to do this for a Pokemon crafts swap
Skull: This is the first loose freestyle burn I did, I just basically carried on with it for two afternoons and pretty pleased with the outcome
Guan Yin: This was a commission for a close friend’s mother. I quite like it because it’s one of those pieces where it came out much more authentic looking than what I had in mind.
Reptilian Eye
One of the pieces from a period where I was just obsessed with practising shading, so it ended up being a really good opportunity to practise with textures and creating the illusion of 3D
‘Shankly’ (German Shepherd): Even though I had already done Charlie the dog, it really intimidated me to do a German Shepherd. But I couldn’t really turn down the challenge!
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