Life’s been tough. Life’s been slow. What if you could turn your progress up to 11 and Go Turbo?

CfG Turbo from Coaching for Geeks.


1 month of action. 4 weeks of group coaching. 28-31 days of accountability (depending on the month).


Because getting things done is hard enough without living through a pandemic. Adding in some accountability helps you to focus on the things that really matter to you, freeing up your time and brain so you get things done, and can enjoy life more.

Whether you want to join us for a month and sprint towards a goal, or longer term to focus on your business, improving your Twitch streams, increasing listens on your podcast, develop new courses, exercise more, or indeed any goal at all, CfG Turbo is here to support you, encourage you, and make sure you get stuff done.

Focussed action, more results, more freedom/money/health/whatever it is you want!


4 weeks of daily goal setting

4 weeks of daily accountability check ins

A supportive community on hand to answer any questions

4 Coworking sessions per week

4 Group coaching sessions per month

Over £700 of training in the Training Treasury

All episodes of the CfG Podcast

Opportunities to go live in CfG to promote yourself

Discounted 1-2-1 coaching sessions


It begins by setting a goal for the month. Something that will improve your life. Give you more freedom. More money. More relaxation time. More opportunities to play D&D, videogames, or get out into the world as it reopens.

Every day you get tagged in a post to share what you need to get done that day.

At the end of the day you get tagged in a post to check in and tell the group what you got done.

Group work sessions take place at least four times a week – you join the group call, tell everyone what you’re getting done, then we work together for 90 minutes, before checking in and telling us what you did.

A Facebook room is left open for any additional group sessions you want to host.

Weekly group sessions, every Sunday, give you the chance to talk about what worked, what was challenging, and get support, guidance and advice on anything that might be getting in the way of your success. 

The group is always on hand to answer any questions – stuck on a problem? Ask in Turbo and you’ll get some answers.

The final group session is a chance to reflect on your successes for the month. What worked well? What could do with tweaking?

Then you either stick around and we do it all again, or you head off, goal achieved!


Our back catalogue of CfG Training is included, plus all episodes of the CfG podcast, and all the training sessions that have been run in the Coaching for Geeks Facebook Community.


Achievement Unlocked – How to Achieve Anything

The Ultimate NERD Formula

How to Find Your Geeky Purpose

And much more besides!


This is for action-takers that want to step up and hit the accelerator. Whether it’s building up confidence, positive habits, stream improvements, or being productive AF. This is for people who thrive with a community of awesome folk around them, people who would like some encouragement.

People who are ready to succeed.


Fill out this application form and we‘ll be in touch very soon. Places are limited to 50, so don’t leave it too late.

Join before 19th April and get a bonus goal setting session, worth £50.

Join before doors close on 1st May, and only reopen if we have room in June.



I went into Turbo with one big goal: prep, promote, and deliver the BEST live workshop that me & Mere Hicks could do.

At first, we were brickin’ it. No, actually we were still brickin’ until an hour before!!

We hadn’t done anything like this before AT ALL! Mere was nervous about if she was good enough, I had that AND I was terrified of a real live video all on me!

Thank you, Robin Bates, for working with both of us throughout Turbo with caring, firm, group coaching.

WE DID IT and we delivered beyond expectations – our own and others! They’re chomping at the bit to get the recording, materials and bonuses now!! 😱

Honestly, this is proof that Turbo seriously works. From clueless to pro workshop deliverers in a month. 🎉


Amanda Leek – PR/Marketing Consultant

The CfG Turbo Beta came at exactly the right time to help me plan for my ONFife Artist’s Residency. I was exhausted, approaching burn-out and struggling to balance staying motivated with making sure I got enough rest and me time to actually have enough lives left to make it to the final level. Having an incredible, supportive group, cheering them on, while they also celebrated your wins and commiserated with your low days really helped get me through what would have otherwise been a very dismal and difficult February. Just knowing that you were not alone in the ups and downs each new week brings was fantastic for my mental health and well-being.

Robin led us through setting goals, kept us accountable and made sure we connected with each other regularly when we were able to help with our different areas of expertise; or gave us the confidence and support to go rogue and run our own CfG Turbo Lite group sessions when some of us needed extra co-working time. Speaking of… the Turbo Co-Working Sessions are genuinely the only reason I got any social media scheduling done throughout February. I was stressed out into the stratosphere by the thought of having to self-promote, publicly… but just having the option to ask for help when you needed and bask in Robin’s (and whoever else happened to hop onto the weekly chats’) reassuring presence made the process of doing a social media much more bearable.

Plus, with the Ultimate NERD Formula lessons, guest expert videos and other content available for folx to pick-n-mix as they desire, that’s an incredible offer!


Eilidh Ellery – Performer