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Hannah Cowton, the London Geek, siits enjoying a mug of tea against a window frame in the summerWe’re famous baby!

The London Geek is a brilliant blog by Hannah Cowton, you might recognise the name – I thought her blog was so great I got her on the podcast last week – go and have a listen (or on iTunes) to us geek out over all the awesome things you can do in London.

It’s a beautifully written blog filled with obvious excitement and joy at the wealth of opportunities that being a geek in London, and a blogger, present.


Growing a blog

Hannah’s coming back in 2018 to talk about growing a blog and a brand through social media, making contacts, grabbing opportunities, and more.

The London Geek has grown in readership massively since we first talked, so her insight will help anyone with a blog, podcast, channel or brand to start taking steps that facilitate growth.


Blogging and geekery

For now go and check out Hannah’s writeup of Coaching for Geeks (honestly I thinks she’s done a better job of communicating what we do than we’ve managed do!), have a look at her writeups of MCM London Comic Con 2017, geek fashion, reviews of geek novels and more, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Coming soon on the CfG blog:

Build your own Dice Tray

Cosplay & Consent

How to Write a Book – part 4


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Robin – CfG Founder


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