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Learning ain’t always fun but we’ve had a damn good go at it!

Achievement:Unlocked – How to Achieve Anything

Figure out what you want and how to get it with Achievement:Unlocked – How to Achieve Anything.

The signature programme from the founder of Coaching for Geeks, Robin Bates, this online course is aimed at anyone who feels lost, stuck, like they’ve fallen behind, who knows there’s more out there for them, or already has a goal in mind (the lucky ones!)

Whether you want to

– get unstuck

– earn more money

– find your passion

– take that dream trip

– write the book

– turn your streaming into an income

– start that business

– grow a brand

– develop healthier relationships

– get fitter, happier, more productive!

this course includes everything you need to Achieve Anything.

PLUS for a limited time includes 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Robin himself.

Robin used to be a fat, lonely, miserable, loser and now has the UK #1 Games & Hobbies podcast, gets paid to attend conferences, and loves his life. He has helped hundreds of people like you to get what they want from life.

These are the exact tools he used to make that happen.

Find out more and check out the free modules today. It’s time to start achieving.

Level Up Your Dating

Rami the Gutsy Geek spent years failing with women.

So he spent 6 years learning how to be successful.

Now he shares it with geek-kind.

Level Up Your Dating is THE A-Z course in dating, conversations, and confidence, for men.

CfG founder Robin personally took this course after a dry spell –  and things changed immediately (his testimonial is on the next page).

It’s not just about getting laid, it’s about building your skills so you can be more attractive, meet people confidently, go on amazing dates, and meet the right person for you. Plus there’s loads of bonus content!

If you want to:

– have a profile that attracts women

– know the best way to open a conversation

– have the confidence to impress

– take her on dates that are memorable and fun

– change your mindset

– know how to sustain cconversation

– handle rejection

– not be a creep, be a gentleman

– stop being lonely

then find out how to Level Up Your Dating today!