EGX can be a surreal experience, where like-minded geeks gather and unite through one common interest: gaming. It is one of the many meccas for gamers along with Insomnia, E3 and PAX, and brings disparate gaming communities together under one roof.

Sure, EGX Rezzed may be postponed, but that doesn’t stop us looking at back.

Gaming has been proven to do a lot of good, including helping them form strong lifelong friendships, forge careers and communities, and battle anxiety and depression. Right now, gamers around the world are sharing fruit and fossils in Animal Crossing, collaborating on epic structures in Minecraft, and working together to TOP LANE, OH MY GOD WHY AREN’T YOU IN THE TOP LANE?!

8-way fun on the island

Despite all this, gaming is often used as a scapegoat in the media.
Powerful individuals are trying to convince people that gaming is a waste of time and only incites violence in today’s youth. Coaching for Geeks isn’t convinced.

We spoke to Alex Noon – more commonly known as Arekkz. He has managed to build a career around his love of gaming, as well as form his own community centred around gaming and fitness. He has inspired people to not only share their journey of hunting monsters but also their personal journey of self-improvement and healthy eating.

With those guns he could Awreck you

Justin Harbottle and Daniel Letras of London Gaymers gave us some valuable input on their experience growing up with gaming and how it has forged their friendships (thankfully nobody threatened me with their Final Smash for waving a camera in their face).

Get your gayme on!

What do they think about it all? Here are their thoughts on the matter:

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