Your Practical Guide to Actually Landing Your Dream Job

Apr 03, 2023


Nearly everyone had a dream job in mind when they were a child. These tend to be far-fetched ideas, such as astronauts, explorers, or members of a mythical royal family. With age, however, these dream jobs become more realistic and moulded around experiences and interests. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a clear idea as to what they want their career to look like. If you have a dream job that you want to pursue, this is your practical guide on how to land it.



Consider Why This is Your Dream Job


If it were as simple as following a quick online guide, everyone would already be enjoying their dream jobs at this very moment. However, the most crucial step to landing your dream job is to evaluate the reasons behind this being your dream job in the first place. The further you dig into the underlying attraction you have towards this role or industry, the more you can examine the likelihood and potential pathways of achieving your goal. Think about what initially caught your attention about this job. Was it the money? The scope for fame? Or was it the idea of enjoying the day-to-day work that would be involved? When a dream job has earned this title based on more than the childlike fantasy of being rich and famous, it is more likely to be worth pursuing in a serious capacity.



Line Up the Necessary Skills with What You Already Have


What skills and talents do you already possess that make you a credible candidate for a role in your ideal industry? Write down a list of your most finely-tuned skills and compare this to what employers are looking for when recruiting people for their jobs. If you notice that you are lacking in certain areas, highlight these as your top priorities for development. You may need to return to education or start at a lower rung on the career ladder, but these first steps are the most important.



Make Yourself Desirable


While the steps themselves may be complex and challenging, the initial process of making yourself desirable to a potential employer is surprisingly straightforward. Simply search for the role and take note of everything the different employers are looking for in an ideal candidate. Do what you can to fulfil these requirements, whether that means retraining or looking for volunteer opportunities.


Check the Company Culture


As already mentioned, just because you first believed that a job was right for you doesn't mean that it is in reality. Even if the day-to-day tasks involved in the job would suit your skills and interests, you may find that the company you are hired by fosters an internal culture that you don't enjoy. Some companies are better at caring for their employees than others. For example, if a company uses Simpplr then this demonstrates that the employers care about employee value proposition and suitably rewarding individuals for their hard work. If you can see that a role is listed alongside various benefits and perks for the successful candidate, you can trust that the business is looking for talented people they will want to hold onto. Just because something is your dream job doesn't mean you have to accept the first opportunity that comes along. Wait until you find a role where the company culture matches your preferences and seems like somewhere you would fit in well.



Gain Industry Experience


Even if it isn't immediately a role you love, a junior position within your dream industry could be valuable at a later date. Take opportunities to learn more and gain experience in your chosen field so that you become more appealing to potential employers when you start applying for your ideal role. You can't expect to walk straight into your dream job from the beginning, so give yourself time to develop a deeper and more hands-on knowledge of the industry.



Network Within the Industry


Talk to people who are already working within the industry and ask them if they are willing to share advice. You may even find value in networking with others in a similar position as you can support each other's search. There is no harm in reaching out and making connections.



Write a Relevant and Specific Resume


Once you feel that your experience and skills finally line up with what employers are looking for, the time has come to create an attractive resume. There are plenty of online resources designed to help you write clearly and compellingly for this purpose. Just make sure to sell yourself in a positive and honest light. There is no point lying to get a job as your employer will quickly see the truth if you are offered the role. Write your resume and cover letter fresh every time you apply to a different position, as sending copies to various employers is often easy to spot.


To land your dream job you need, above all else, dedication, perseverance, and patience.



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