WordPress Theme Marketplaces You Need to Check Out

Jan 22, 2021


WordPress is a highly adaptable and extremely flexible content management system and website builder. It’s very user-friendly, free, and open-source, which means anyone can easily get the hang of it, even the beginners. The plug-ins this platform offers make it possible for those looking to build their online presence to utilize several features to create the perfect website.

WordPress also provides various themes that suit different tastes and needs. Your website’s theme is quite important because it allows you to set yourself apart from the competition and express your brand identity. On this note, here are the best WordPress theme marketplaces you need to check out.


Marketica is both a digital marketplace and an e-commerce WordPress theme. It started as a mere marketplace design but has transformed into a completely self-reliant marketplace solution. Marketica supports multi-vendors, meaning that if you are already running an online store, you can use Marketica to make the necessary adjustments so that more vendors can sell their products on your platform.

You can check out demos on integrated websites to see how this theme can turn your website into a functional online store. Some variations of this theme come with additional plug-ins that allow you to assess and monitor the performance of your e-store. Marketica’s layout is modern, simple, and appropriate for different age groups. It comes with a content slider that allows audiences to view a product’s most attractive features quickly. There is also a widget at the bottom of the products page that allows you to display your most popular products and products that are similar to what the viewer is interested in.


If you are looking to build a unique website, you can’t go with just any theme that looks professional. Divi is not like any other WordPress theme; it uses highly advanced visual builder technology to replace WordPress’s regular post editor with a more comfortable, more functional visual editor. Professionals and beginners can both look for a Divi discount to create an interactive, visually appealing e-store. It is highly efficient and supports various features like drag and drop building, responsive editing, and inline text editing. Precisely this makes it an excellent choice for those looking to build a professional platform with minimal hassle.


Ekommart is very versatile, making it possible to experiment with different products and niches and explore the general marketplace without redesigning your entire website. Its layout supports multi-vendor marketplaces through plug-ins that you can access on integrated websites. Despite its versatility, Ekommart is very easy for beginners to use. It offers multiple useful features like mega menus, quick product views, and headers and footers.


The market is one of the best WordPress themes for businesses that offer online courses or sell virtual services or actual products. There is so little that you can’t do with Market because of the many features and options it offers. Its design is very modern and highly customizable. It merely highlights your brand identity, offering you suggestions to help you create a great website while giving you the freedom to experiment with different options to achieve the results you want. It comes with a pre-customized builder to help you through the web design process and allows you to modify headers, banners, texts, blog posts, product descriptions, search properties, pricing, and customer reviews.


Ambesten is a ready-made theme that provides you with all the content, components, and elements you can possibly need. If you are not big on web design or are hoping to launch your marketplace fast, Ambesten is the theme for you. It comes with fourteen demos, allowing you to choose one that suits your business’ needs best. Ambesten is highly responsive, and although it comes ready for launch, you can still adjust it by choosing from ten different column grid modes and various header and footer styles. You can select the color-scheme you want, choose accessible and easy mega menus for your audience, provide daily deals, and even localize or globalize your marketplace using different currencies.


Urus is a WordPress marketplace theme that promises ease and convenience. It offers thirty pre-demos, all of which are completely customizable and very easy to use. Even if you have never attempted to build a website before, the drag and drop functionality it supports makes it easy for anyone to design a great-looking, professional website.

All in all, WordPress themes are highly customizable and easy to edit and update. They come with a variety of features that will definitely make you stand out from your competitors. These WordPress themes are all definitely worth the try, so make sure to check them out and see which one works best for your needs.



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