Tips for Finding a Perfect SEO Expert for your Company

Jun 12, 2021


Brands nowadays face a digital world with harsh competition for clicks and visits to their websites. Marketing teams need to come up with intelligent strategies to help these websites stand out in the competition. Regardless of the industry, small and medium companies require every resource and trick available to boost their visibility and attract new customers. That’s why search engine optimization has become a crucial tool for promoting their services online, reaching a broader audience, and increasing customer conversion. Hiring an SEO consultant can help you achieve these goals without hitting major obstacles along the way. However, not every business is aware of the importance of having an experienced professional filling this role. In the following guide, we share some tips for finding the perfect SEO expert for your company and getting a significant advantage over your competitors with this crucial tool.

Identify your Company’s SEO Priorities

Before jumping headfirst into the hiring process, it’s important to identify the essential priorities of the company. Search engine optimization isn’t only about inserting keywords in your site’s content. It’s about increasing your business conversion by offering an accessible experience for the user and following the best practices for indexing your site’s content higher up the search results. This is achieved through a series of actions and strategies applied to your site’s content and structure. Your SEO consultant can only apply the correct changes once they have a chance to diagnose your company site’s current situation. Gather your current data and identify the weak points to see whether you need help on properly structuring the website, improving the site’s content, or working on link-building. There’s no need to have the perfect course set from the beginning, but discuss with your prospect SEO experts about their approach for boosting a website’s performance to filter your ideal candidates.

Check for Robust Portfolios and Client Testimonies

When talking to potential hires, try to learn more about how they’ve worked with previous clients and ask for concrete examples. The best way to sift through candidates is to find people who are able to describe previous success cases, where they were able to carry out SEO-related tasks with their clients successfully, and briefly explain their process. Rather than focusing on the overall number of clients they’ve worked with, focus on the quality of their portfolio. Check their references through reviews and testimonials to learn unbiased opinions about the SEO experts. If possible, ask about best practices and recent SEO guideline changes to see whether they’re keeping their knowledge on the matter up to date.

Set Clear Expectation

Every brand wants to increase its user engagement and customer conversion. What sets aside an average SEO expert from an outstanding consultant is their ability to lay down a path to your ideal scenario through their campaign ideas. When dealing with prospect hires, the team at emphasizes the importance of discussing metrics within set timeframes rather than focusing on vague goal statements. Of course, there’s no way of knowing whether their optimization efforts will reap successful results right from the beginning. However, your ideal collaborator should be able to give your team a good perspective of how to move things forward.

Verify for SEO Knowledge and Accountability

Anyone can learn about SEO thanks to the information and the number of courses available online. However, if you want to find the perfect SEO expert for your company, you must ensure their level of understanding on the subject goes beyond a superficial level. Rather than choosing the candidate who tries to guarantee fast and easy traffic right away, collaborating with a professional who is capable of consistent communication and providing long-term results will yield far better results for your brand. Note that you will need to grant your SEO expert access to your site so that they’re able to configure, edit, and change SEO-related issues firsthand. Interviewing and identifying a reliable person who will take responsibility for their work on your site should be one of your top priorities when searching for an SEO expert to collaborate with your company.

Hiring the right person, to help your company optimize your site to index the content and attract new prospective clients, can make a significant difference in your business. While you may not be looking at immediate changes in your site’s daily traffic, working with a knowledgeable and experienced SEO consultant can help you increase user engagement and customer conversion. Always keep in mind that every penny you invest into optimizing your company’s site for search engine indexing will help you increase your profits in the long run.



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