The Role Play Gourmet FAQ and Print & Play Skill Tree

role play gourmet Oct 10, 2018

So you’re ready to cook, but have questions first…

Fortunately your ‘gather information’ check rolls highly and Paul Flannery himself has the answers.

He also has the print and play skills trees. Print these off, get cooking, gain XP, level up!





Where do I start filling out the skill trees?

You can start shading in the sections of each circle clockwise as you perform the relevant skill and/or use the required ingredient.


What’s the difference between pyromancy and hydromancy?

Pyromancy skill is when you use direct heat from a flame to cook ie; roasting or frying. If you use the flame indirectly ie; boiling water for blanching, it’s hydromancy.


When do I level up?

Once you fill in an entire circle, you can shade in one of the squares on the main levelling track. Once that track is full, you’ll reach level 2. There are several sub levels along the way too.


Can I get XP for cooking the same thing multiple times?

Yes, definitely!


Where are the recipes?

They are part of the blog featured on the website - serach 'role play gourmet' here on the site, or click the 'role play gourmet' category!


What if I don’t like a certain ingredient?

If you don’t like an ingredient you can substitute it for something else. I’ve tried to provide Veggie alternatives for all of the recipes. In some cases, however, to change an ingredient is to change the dish entirely.


Do I get to roll a D20 at some point?

Cooking is mostly about certainties rather than chance so I’ve not figured out a way to use dice yet. I am very much up for suggestions [email protected]



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