The Formula for Success: Authenticity, Alignment, and Accountability

personal development Aug 06, 2021



Does it sometimes feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall? You try and try and try to reach a goal – growing your numbers on Twitch, getting more podcast downloads, making money off your geeky business, but you never seem to achieve it. Instead, you find yourself are struggling instead of moving forward. More time, more stress, more money, but still no results. And less time to have fun!

You are absolutely not alone. The effort to move from what we don’t want, to what we do want, is a pretty common struggle for all us nerdy types who know there’s more for us out there. It is super common for people to struggle with living with what they don’t want, and that limits their capacity to act and do the things needed to become successful. To get what you want you have to end the struggle and move into spending your action points on doing the things that bring success ever closer.

The easiest way to move from stuck into action without struggle is to be authentic, to be in alignment with your authenticity, and have accountability to take action. Authenticity means that you are connected to your core and that

Alignment (we’re not asking if you’re chaotic good here) means that your body and brain are on board with the goal you want to achieve. For example, you come home from work one evening and you are very tired. Standard. But this evening is the night you spend making the promotional materials to go with your podcast. You sit on the sofa and actually have to talk yourself into getting up, grabbing the laptop, and opening Canva to make some sweet images with key quotes from your next episode. What you told yourself to convince that part of you that wanted to just relax instead of doing the work isn’t just motivation, it comes from being fully aligned with your goals. You got yourself into alignment with the idea and intention of doing the work no matter how knackered you were, and didn’t just fire up Netflix and binge watch the new Masters of the Universe and have a ready meal.

To end the battle and successfully achieve goals, you need to get as much of you on side and in alignment as possible. That’s your mental, physical, and emotional stats, need to be supporting you getting the things you want. There might always be doubts, but making sure you believe in your goal at a deep level will really help.

The following steps outline a process you can use to do check on how authentic your goals feel to all the parts that make up a you, and bring yourself into alignment with your goals.

Step One: Sit down

Sit somewhere quiet and spend a few minutes thinking about your goal. Have a pen and pen handy, a document open, or a voice recorder ready to capture your thoughts.

Step Two: Roll an Authenticity Check!

Ask yourself if this goal is the right goal for you to achieve currently. If the answer is yes, skip to the next step. If the answer is no, ask what a more appropriate goal would be for you right now. By asking this question, you start to look at everything around your goal. The resources you have, what happens when you achieve it, if you’re willing to invest the time and effort needed to make it happen. Write down/type/record the answer you get from yourself. If you need extra clarity around the answer, ask yourself for it. Keep asking until you feel like you’ve got everything you need.

Step Three: Alignment

Once you’ve figured out your goal that is authentic to you, who you are, and where you are in life right now, it’s time to make sure it’s aligned. Ask your brain if it’s willing to be in alignment with you goal. The purpose of this question is to uncover any blocks or limitations that reside in the brain concerning the goal. If the answer is yes, ask your body if it’s willing to be aligned with you goal. Repeat for your emotions.

If the answer is no, it’s time to have a conversation with yourself. Some questions to begin with are: Why are you not willing to be in alignment with this goal? What would it take for you to be in alignment with this goal? What needs to be true for you to become in alignment with this goal? When a part of you is not willing to be in alignment with your goal, the cause may be fear or insecurity. Usually, the situation is remedied by helping that part of you to understand that it is taken care of, that it is safe, and that it has nothing to fear. Have a conversation with that part of you and tell it what’s happening. I know it sounds weird, but what you’re doing is getting your conscious and unconscious mind on side.

Step Four: Accountability

It’s all well and good having a goal that’s brimming over with authenticity and one you’re fully aligned with, but life isn’t as simple as that. Here’s where accountability steps up. It’s very easy to let yourself down. We do it all the time. We lie to ourselves and that’s ok. But when it comes to letting other people down, that’s much harder to do. That’s why accountability works. You can get some free weekly accountability in the free Coaching for Geeks Community, or if you want to go faster you can join CfG Turbo and get Monthly, weekly, and daily accountability check ins., 

By completing this process, you have created an authentic goal, brought yourself into full alignment with this goal, and got yourself some accountability to make sure you take action. You can now move forward without struggle because all blocks have been removed. Glory and success shall finally be yours!

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