The 6 Best Apps for Introverts Looking for Friends

Mar 26, 2020

As an introvert, you probably cherish the time where you get to unwind alone. Other times, though, you may want to reach out to a friend to talk. Luckily, with today’s modern apps, you have the resources to easily meet like-minded people. 

If you find making friends intimidating or are just having trouble doing so, give these apps a try. They may help you meet new people and discover things you never knew about.


1. Reddit

Reddit is a great place to start when looking for friends. Not only is it a source to find information on anything and everything you could imagine, but you can also meet similar people and bond over shared interests.

Reddit consists of millions of subreddits that focus on specific things, from gaming to animals, from questions to ideas. When you join these subreddits, you can connect with those who have similar interests or characteristics.

While you can keep this relationship online, other groups may be more local. Meeting up with those members could be an easy way to make the virtual friendship an in-person one. 


2. Instagram 

As one of the biggest apps in the world, Instagram makes for another helpful place to search for connections. Instagram is similar to Reddit in that it allows for an easy platform to interact with others, but the two differ in other ways.

Instagram users tend to add hashtags to their photos’ captions. These hashtags are a gateway to certain interests. Like subreddits, they can be as broad or specific as imaginable. 

With Instagram, you may be more likely to find online friends rather than in-person ones. However, based on hashtags that may be near you or include a location, there are no limits to who’s in your area. Then, you can directly message someone and start that friendship.


3. Workfrom

If you work from home and are looking to make friends, this is the app for you. This goes for any type of work, including students, parents, freelancers, writers and more. 

With Workfrom, you can engage with your local community to find the best places to work, with or without others around. You can find recommendations as well as contribute your own. 

For example, people near you may recommend a coffee shop or the local library. You can also find information regarding Wi-Fi speeds and the availability of power outlets. 

Try out working around others. There’s little pressure to interact, so you can focus on getting your job done while still making connections.


4. BarkHappy

Sometimes going someplace alone can be scary. Why not take your pup and meet up with another dog owner? With BarkHappy, you can do just that as it offers the best of both worlds: new friends and dogs all in one place. 

With this app, you can find dog-friendly locations based on its interactive map. From there, you can meet up with those pooch owners and start a friendship, for you and your four-legged friends. 

Dogs are a pure source of joy that bring people together. BarkHappy helps you get started on that connection. 


5. Nextdoor

Another way to meet friends is through Nextdoor. This app is your central neighborhood hub for all things local. You can simply walk down the street to find new pals.

On Nextdoor, you can search for recommendations, events, services, restaurants and more. You can ask your own questions, too. You’ll also find local updates about things like road repairs, weather and more. 

Nextdoor serves as a private social media for your neighbourhood. The app requires verification from all neighbours, so you can have a safe time meeting new friends and exploring the community around you. 

This app takes the old way of making friends and gives it a modern update. 


6. Patook

Patook takes the standard swipe-dating app and refreshes it for people seeking friends only. With its strictly platonic platform, you can find a friend in no time. 

With Patook, you create a profile and customize it as you want. Then you swipe through the people that are within your radius and see who you match with. Then you can strike up a conversation right away. 

This app also offers some other cool other features, like letting you customize who you are visible to. You can also make public posts for everyone to see. 

Something else neat is its ability to detect lulls in conversations. If the chat starts to mellow out, Patook can suggest ways and prompts to rekindle things. 


Stepping Out Into the Social Life

It is a common misconception that introverts are antisocial. On the contrary, they love socializing — but only with the right atmosphere and group. 

Downloading the apps and creating profiles is one thing. Finding people and starting conversations is another. However, it’s up to you to use these skills and tools to create a blossoming friendship. 

Whether you want an online friendship or a local one, these apps can help kick-start those connections. All you have to do is say hello.


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