Setting yourself up for a week of win

confidence personal development Jan 26, 2020


Sunday! The day of rest. Of existential angst. Of hangovers and comedowns. Sunday roasts. Walks in the park. Work. Car boot sales. Play. Videogames. So much time for videogames. And ironing. Often overlooked, you can get a lot done on a Sunday, including getting your head prepared for the week ahead.


1 – LOOK

Check what’s coming up for the week ahead. Meetings. Social events. Appointments. Streaming. – Out of interest, what diary/calendar do you use? I like to check it from my calendar and write it down on a pad. I am not the most organized man in the world so I check Facebook invites and

2 – PLAN

What do you need for each of these things?

I know that I have physio in the gym tomorrow morning, so I need breakfast, gym kit, and a change of clothes for the office. I have a client meeting in the evening so need to be in front of a charged laptop by evening.

Tuesday is a late one so need my evening meds.

Wednesday – booked in a non negotiable down day sandwiched between being out and hosting. Will be doing a FB live so a little planning needed there.

Thursday D&D – need to do some prep and draw some maps.

You get the idea. A loose outline of my week ahead so I can get ready.


What can you prepare ahead of time? I know I don’t have enough shirts for the week so I’m going to do some ironing today. I can pack my gym bag today and oh! It also means a lie in tomorrow. Nice.

I’ll be away late on Tuesday so I need to make sure I have my evening insulin in my bag, I can put that in there now.

I can write a few notes on notecards today so it’s not all left till Wednesday for the live.

I could draw a map today…

I know what I’ve got to do in the coming week, it’s up to ne if I wanna do it now, or if I have time later in the week. The more I do now, the more ready I am, and this stuff ain’t gonna take long (and I can catch up on Netflix while I iron!)



Mindset. Getting your head in the game. Some of my week is not going to be fun and framing it the right way will help me manage my energy and not get stressed.

Monday – physiotherapy – it hurts and I don’t like it. I could dread it. I have dreaded in the past. BUT it’s for the purpose of giving me more movement and less pain in the long term – there’s an outcome I want from it and that is to have

Tuesday – late night working – I’d rather not thanks. But I’m doing something that helps the future engineering capability of the UK and that’s a good thing. And I’ll get my dinner paid for.

There are some things that are just shit and goes with being a human adult. What buffers, support, downtime can you add in?

I’ve got my non-negotiable Wednesday at home to help me recharge the batteries ahead of Thursday.


Of course very few weeks go according to plan, so you may need to adapt and change – and that is going to be so much easier when most of the planning and preparation is already done.


And then once in a while I’ve planned a week and then had to fuck it all off coz I’ve got sick.

BUT my most successful weeks, the ones where I’ve got the most done and managed my energy and handled everything getting upended, are the ones I’ve doe a bit of planning for.

It’s all basic stuff, but so many people overlook it. Equip yourself for the week ahead, grab your tools, pack your bag, and let’s smash it!



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