Ran Out of Podcast Topics? Here are Some Audience Favourites to Cover

podcasting Feb 06, 2023


If you're looking to start a podcast, developing a topic that will engage your audience is important. Take some time to brainstorm different ideas or topics and consider which ones you think would be most interesting.

Consider what content you want to focus on and what would make your podcast unique or stand out. Think about how your idea could become an interesting and engaging show. Once you have a few ideas, research them and ensure they're topics your audience will want to listen to.

Here are six podcast topics your audience will love:



  1. Something You Love


Creating a podcast about something you're passionate about is the best way to go. Select a topic that you enjoy discussing and have in-depth knowledge about. You can keep the conversation interesting and not get bored quickly. You'll be more motivated to keep podcasting because it will be something you love.



  1. Advice Column


Allow people to present their queries and concerns on your show. React to the entries with guidance customised to their condition. You could address general life questions or queries related to your area of expertise. Afterwards, check in with the submitters to find out how it went and post that information too.



  1. Hypothetically Speaking


Have you ever found yourself in a strange situation, picturing how you would escape an elevator or make a daring jump? Crafting your own thoughts and musings on the matter can make for a fun and humorous exploration of the unknown. Whether you believe your hypotheses or not, thinking up creative solutions to improbable situations is always enjoyable.



  1. Narrating a Task


Record your voice as you explain what you are doing while working on a project related to your podcast's topic. For example, if the podcast is about woodworking, you could talk about the steps you are taking, like selecting wood or putting together a piece of furniture, while you are doing it.



  1. Throwback to a Past Event


Look at a past occurrence, be it a significant historical event or personal experience. Look into its background and any surrounding details, then add to it with your discoveries, facts, and perspectives. This could range from an event like the birth of the United States to a project you initiated at work. You can better understand the situation by delving deeper into what happened and adding further insight.



  1. Multiple POV of a Story


There are always multiple perspectives to a story or event. It can be helpful to hear the different points of view to gain insight into what happened. This idea can be applied to any situation to get different perspectives. You can have two people tell their story of the same first meeting or a job interview, or a police officer and the person they arrested recount the same arrest. To make the story more interesting and insightful, a narrator can be used to provide more information and show the differences between each person's version of the story.




Podcasting is a great way to engage with your audience and create meaningful conversations. When you run out of podcast topics, it is helpful to consider what your audience wants to hear. Audience favourites include stories from personal experience and specific topics that provide valuable insights. You can create entertaining and educational podcasts by researching what your audience is interested in.

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