Post a game to a friend: BARPIG Lock-Inn

tabletop gaming May 17, 2020

BARPIG! The highly social game of post adventuring tavern-time won our ‘Party Game of UK Games Expo’ award and was nominated in our end of year awards too.

Surely such a silly game can’t work in a post-lockdown world… right? A game so based on social interaction and being in the same room that it’s surely in piggy hibernation to save your bacon? Right…?


Designer Johno Franklin has not only redesigned BARPIG to work on Tabletopia (seriously, you can go and play it right now) but he’s gone and redesigned the game to be a gorgeous postcard that doubles as a ‘zine’, a foldable booklet mini-version of the hilarious party game. Now everyone can enjoy BARPIG’s fun shenanigans with their friends using any video chat platform!

For the cost of postage BARPIG will send a postcard to your friends, with your message included. They can then turn the postacard into a foldable zine, ready to play BARPIG Lock-Inn.


Send one to your mates, add a personalised message, wait for delivery, get on Zoom, get playing. Do you need to play RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT QUICK THERE’S NO TIME TO LOSE? Grab the BARPIG Lock-Inn print and play file and make your own.


How do you play BARPIG Lock-Inn?

It’s so simple even a pig could do it.

You’ll need:

  • At least 3 players
  • A copy of BARPIG Lock-Inn per player
  • A video chat with your players
  • A 6 sided die – or virtual dice roller
  • A drink each – technically this is a drinking game, but you can play for fun; it’s in the rules so it’s allowed.

On your turn roll the dice, turn to that page in the zine, and challenge someone.

Will you land on the Vodkleric who demands that players compliment each other, or will the Palealedin demand that each player explain that they’re definitely not a witch and explain why? 

Lose a challenge, tae a drink, when someone’s glass is empty whoever has the fullest glass wins.

Easy. OR IS IT?

Get your print and play BARPIG Lock-Inn or send it to a friend as a postcard direct from the Barpig Lock-Inn site.



While you’re at it maybe pick up a copy of BARPIG and BARPIG After Hours for when lockdown ends.

You won’t regret it. Even if you end up lapdancing for a friend and a very big UK gaming expo. I promise.

BARPIG won Party Game of UK Expo 2018 and was nominated in the Coaching for Geeks Awards 2019.



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