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Geek Dating Primer – Interview with the Geek Girl

Rami Meets Serenity A geek girl, not the Firefly-class spaceship. I know, still too soon. So let’s do geek dating and move on.   Rami the Gutsy Geek met with gamer girl Serenity in the latest episode of the Coaching for Geeks Podcast for some insight into geek dating,  how to initiate geek dating, and how to be geek sexy... Read More

Being nice for no reason

I’ve been having a shitty day. I’ve spent 4 hours getting to Avonmouth. Trains were cancelled. There were no taxis. I waked for 30 minutes through industrial land, muddy footpaths, HGVs tearing past. I delivered a presentation that I was ill equipped to do -it needed in depth technical engineering know how – but I muddled through and no, sorry,... Read More

Level Up Your Legs!

  People usually dislike taking on hard tasks due to being forced out of their comfort zone. If you ever set foot in a commercial gym/health club you will notice that 99% of the strength equipment is catered towards more upper-body emphasis training (bench press, bench press and bench press) with only 1% catering to some type of leg training... Read More
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SpecialEffect – The Gamer’s Charity

Brilliant episode of the podcast today, and only recorded yesterday! Coach Robin met with Mark Saville of SpecialEffect to talk gaming. Not just gaming, but gaming with disabilities – SpecialEffect create bespoke solutions for gamers who are no longer able to use traditional input devices. From tongue depressors, to eyegaze tracking, via joysticks of all kinds.  They do phenomenal work... Read More

We’re Back!

    Cor, that took a while but the Coaching for Geeks website is up and running!   You’ll find regular blogs from me, Robin Bates – on levelling up all aspects of your life, getting more satisfaction, achieving more, planning, and getting the things you most want to live the best geekiest life.   I’ll be reporting from conventions... Read More

Feeling lost? Free event to get you back on track.

I’m a prime example of what can happen without a plan. I climbed my way to the top of the corporate ladder and wondered why I was there and why I was so miserable. I had been coasting without a plan, drifting from island to island, mixing my metaphors and ending up on a sandbank of misery (OK enough of... Read More
A map of the mushroom kingdom from teh super mario bros series of video games by nintendo

Making Decisions in the Mushroom Kingdom

I wonder if I ever told you about a friend of mine, from the Mushroom Kingdom, who was forever talking about visiting Green Hill Zone… but there was always something somehow… It just wasn’t the right time… they couldn’t afford it this year (the coin blocks were empty)… they had way too much work on (rebuilding after Bowser’s latest escapades)…... Read More

Goal Setting for People Who Hate Goal Setting

Goals! So last week I was talking about my goals so let’s do something that makes loads of people roll their eyes so hard that they look like they’re warging. Goal Setting! Yes, I know, groan. Work goals, SMART goals, targets, oh my god can you fucking not?   Well tough tits, it’s my blog and I’m doing this today,... Read More

Taking Control

Last week was a tough week. Changes are afoot for me, my living arrangements, the business, and more. After some of these changes my landlord ramped the rent up massively – the old me would have sulked, blamed the world, my current housemate for leaving, the landlords for being greedy, my employers for not paying me enough, anyone in the... Read More
Failure is always an option, white text, black background

Failure is not just an option – it’s a requirement, or, failing is fun!

  Quick one today – the headline there pretty much sums it all up beautifully. I was inspired to write this post based on a comment from one of the attendees at the confidence workshop I ran at the weekend; I know he won’t mind me quoting him here. The session was on a particular technique from Neuro Linguistic Programming;... Read More

Comfort Zones

Oh it’s so nice in here. So safe and warm and cozy and nothing can hurt me. But those walls, they creep closer and closer and closer until your comfort zone is tiny and everything else becomes difficult, or scary, or hard.   It’s a tough truth but you have to push against the edges, spend time doing things that... Read More

Sign up and win!

Hi there, very quick message today – I’m giving two people the chance to win two one-hour coaching sessions. To be in with a chance, and there’s always a catch, you just need to be signed up to my mailing list by midday (GMT) on Sunday 13th March, when the draw will take place. You can sign up here to... Read More

Free Confidence for Geeks Webinar

I’m excited to announce that I’m running a webinar to boost your confidence on Wed, Mar 16, 2016 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT. You can book a spot here – We’ll go over tips and tricks for human and animal behavioural psychology, Neuro-Lingustic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and my own experience of getting through life. I’ll also do... Read More

Nobody Tells This to Beginners

When you tackle something new you aren’t going to be good at it immediately. In fact you might be terrible. Even with all the creativity, focus, research, natural talent, you aren’t going to be an expert. It takes 20 hours to learn a new skill. 20 hours of solid practice. 66 days to gain a new habit. It takes work.... Read More

Habitbull App Free Today

This might be of interest to those of you who are setting resolutions. The HabitBull app helps you make new habits and also has a free upgrade available today, New Years Eve. I haven’t yet used it myself, but looks like a really useful tool to remind you of your new task.   It takes a while for a new... Read More

Gym Motivation

Do you believe that going to the gym is hard? Perhaps you always have an excuse or reason not to go; I do and I’m supposed to be the coach! Like everything, a little planning and reframing of the experience can work wonders. 1. Plan when you’ll go to the gym – make it non-negotiable exercise time 2. Plan your... Read More