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3 Hacks to Turn Your Board Game Night Into an Exciting Live Stream Event

In a tech-dominated culture, where triple-A games on stream run the gaming world, turning the spotlight away from your usual rotation offers a breath of fresh air, especially for the Twitch community. Don’t call it a comeback, but sitting down for some good, old-fashioned, fun with board games and tabletop roleplaying games is taking the industry by storm as people... Read More

Can you earn money by walking? We try out 3 apps.

With the world cautiously reopening, and many of us enjoying a slightly chonkier frame due to lockdown eating, drinking, and sitting on our arses, we checked out a few apps that might encourage a little more walking. Specifically apps that promise to reward you with actual money for doing some exercise. Sure you can fill your rings on an Apple... Read More
Tattooed Man courier using a map app on mobile phone to find the delivery address in the city.Courier bicycle delivery food service at home

Are Gig Economies the Future of Business?

The article explains what a gig economy is and how you should go about preparing yourself for becoming a freelancer.... Read More

When is gambling not gambling? And why is it still gambling?

Here at Coaching for Geeks HQ, we get approached all the time to host gambling content. From unscrupulous SEO agencies trying to buy paid links to ‘online gaming sites’ which always turn out to be gambling sites to matched betting ‘experts’. …and this intrigued me, gambling without risk, earn a nice side income… there’s got to be a catch right?... Read More

The Geek’s Handy Guide to Improving Self-Confidence

Confidence is one of the most important aspects of social interaction. It can make or break any first impression and any conversation. As many of you know, people are more likely to trust someone who appears sure of himself than someone who exudes uncertainty. What many don’t know is that confidence is a skill that is built up over time... Read More

How to Play RuneScape and Enjoy It

If you’re a fan of MMORPGs, then you must have heard of RuneScape. It’s an engaging sandbox MMO that has been popular for so many years. It was developed by Jagex, and they did a great job keeping the game exciting and fun for players. The great thing about it is that you can do numerous activities in the game... Read More

5 Reasons Why Playing Board Games Is Good for You

Contrary to what you might think, board games aren’t just for kids! While you probably grew up on a family-friendly diet of “Monopoly” and “Cranium,” there’s an entire world of board games out there for you and your friends to explore. Whether you’re 8 or 88, there’s a board game that’s sure to stir the spirit of competition between you... Read More

Computer Security 101: What to Look for in a VPN Service

VPNs are an extremely effective tool which can enable you to enjoy browsing the internet, whilst also keeping yourself and your computer files and systems secure. When you have a great VPN, you are able to browse in confidence without worrying about data breaches, online blackmail or having your computer hacked. VPNs provide you with browsing confidentiality and allow you... Read More

4 Job Opportunities Available in ESports

Have you ever wondered whether esports is a viable career path? Well it can be, but you might be surprised that playing games is not the only job opportunity in this field. Sure, being the top player in your team and winning big leagues can net you plenty of money, but with gaming events getting more complicated and bigger by... Read More

Why You Should Still Play Old Video Games

It feels like we’ve got new and innovative video games coming out every single day. These marvels of programming and artistry tell amazing stories and are the perfect tool for helping you escape your everyday life, at least for a few hours. If you look back, there are decades of video games for you to choose from. So should you... Read More

Epic Card Game Review

They say when life gives you lemons you pop them in a G&T, so when Life gives you Lockdown and you were meant to be reviewing a Card game, where do you go? Online, of course! So until I can grab myself some friends to play the IRL game, I have dived into the Epic Card Game app! Getting Started... Read More

Science-Backed Tips to Becoming a Better Gamer

No matter what you do in life, you want to do it as best as you possibly can. The same goes for gaming. While gaming is a great hobby, it has also become quite a competitive scene with thousands of pro players and millions of dollars in prize money distributed yearly. If you work hard at it, you can end... Read More

Copywriting 101 – How to be a Word Wizard with Zak Lacey

Words! They can be used to weave a spell around us. They can make you hallucinate strange new worlds, sell you a hat, or get you to click on a link. It’s the latter two that are covered by copywriting. Not to be confused with copyright. OK, that meme merely served to confuse things. We’re really talking about the art... Read More

2 Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Communities

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the earth, social distancing has become the norm for many communities. While this helps lower the spread of coronavirus, it has also put a strain on maintaining healthy relationships and social connections.  Fortunately, the internet has become the medium of choice through which many satisfy their need for socialization. For some this might have... Read More

Twitch 101 with Bex from Trista Bytes

It’s Twitch 101 with Coaching for Geeks and Trista Bytes! Twitch is a beast of a platform, and with the demise of Mixer (Twitch’s only true rival), everyone’s streaming on Twitch. If you want to be a streamer then you need to get the right kit, grow your audience, grow your confidence, and learn some new skills. Whether you’re starting... Read More

COVID-19: the frontline view from ITU

Health Bar Special Welcome back to the Health Bar. Normally what I would do is take you on a journey through an illness or a disease and talk about the cool history, the nuts and bolts of how it works and all the ways we treat the issues. Not today though. Today we will talk about dealing with Covid whilst... Read More

3 Ways That Gaming Can Improve Your Self-Image

The idea of self-image is exceptionally vital for many people. After all, the way we think about ourselves will affect us in many different ways, including affecting our mental, physical, social, emotional, and even spiritual health. In other words, how you feel about yourself will affect the way you function. For this reason, it is important to do things that... Read More
A game of Pong representing a perosn with poor personal hygiene

Break the Stereotype: Practice Good Hygiene While Gaming

No one likes stereotypes, but sometimes so many people in a group live up to them that they stick. In this case, they also stink! Gamers have gathered all sorts of stereotypes over the years. Which are true? Which are totally out there? And how can you avoid falling into those categories? Debunking the Stereotypes Thanks to popular media, when most... Read More