National Puppy Day – The Best Dogs in Geek Culture

Mar 23, 2018


Which nation? we don’t know or care for it gives us an excuse to celebrate the best dogs in geek culture.


In no particular order…

1) K-9

I reckon we can extend the celebration to K-9 mark I-IV inclusive. The fourth Doctor’s robotic best boy arrived on the scene in 1977 and proved himself adaptable to any scenario. with a computer for a brain and a laser for a nose he has upgraded his mobility, but is prone to laryngitis.

Mark III bravely sacrificed himself to save Sarah Jane Smith and was rebuilt by the Doctor as Mark IV.


Whether sadly or unfortunately, K-9 and Company never happened, though a 2010 kids’ TV show aired in Australia, with no links to the Doctor Who franchise.

He was last seen in the Sarah Jane Adventures.


2) Lockjaw

Who wouldn’t want a giant teleporting pupper? Affiliated with the Inhumans, Lockjaw is the escort and protector (as well as means of travel) of the Inhuman royal Family.

One of Stan Lee’s creations, Lockjaw has led the Pet Avengers and reformed the Infinity Gauntlet. Come on MCU, let’s see that happen!


3) PaRappa the Rapper

parappaKick! Punch! It’s all in the mind! And this hiphop rapping 2D pup rapped his way into our hearts on the PS1. Fighting off bullies and the advances of Joe Chin on Sunny Funny, PaRappa learns the way of rhythm and rhyme through lessons from Chop Chop Master Onion.

PaRappa turns up again in UmJammer Lammy, PaRapper 2, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

You gotta do what? I gotta believe!

4) Scooby-Doo


Teaching us that the villain is usually some old white guy trying to make more money (who’d’ve thunk it?!) Scooby-Doo took on an array of villains by eating oversized sandwiches and being scared. Never shying away from a disguise, Scoobs took on real monsters from ‘The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Doo’ onward.

Note that Scrappy-Doo is his nephew because no-one wants to face the reality of Scooby humping a bitch, doggy-style.


5) Grommit

wallace-and-grommitGrommit is a master engineer, solver of crimes, and the only thing between Wallace and an untimely death. Do not get in the way of him and his cheese. He may be made of Plasticine but he WILL end you.

Curses, criminals, ne’er do wells be ware. Grommit may well be the goodest of the good boys.


6) Barf


In contrast, Barf the mawg (half man half dog) may not be the goodest but does his best anyway. And is that not the definition of ‘good boy’? Co-pilot of the Eagle 5, Barf is his own best friend, and will do a damn fine job of jamming your radar.


7) Einstein

I’ll be honest, only here because someone in the group suggested him. Doc Brown’s loyal companion (and test subject).


8) Dogmeat


Is there an explosive trap this mutt won’t set off? No of course not, it’s Dogmeat from the Fallout series and he’ll be by your side as supermutants tear you a new one.


9) Brain


Fulfilling a similar role to Grommit, Brain is the only reason Inspector Gadget isn’t a still beating heart amongst a pile of springs, cables, and gadget skis.

OK so Penny has a hand in it too, with her weird computer book thing. Gadget is a fucking liability. And let's not mention Matthew Broderick (damnit).


10) Krypto and Ace


Cheating on the last entry – how could we do a listicle of geek dogs without including Superman and Batman’s loyal good boys? Krypto, or Superdog, and Ace the bat-Hound have supported their superhero best buddies in adventures across time and space.


That’s it! Who did we miss? 

Will our readers be able tell this was going to be a much more in depth article and then I ran out of time? Have we suddenly become buzzfeed?

Find out in the next thrilling instalment of Coaching for Geeks!



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