Learn How to Build a Successful Blogging Business and Earn Money In 2021

Jun 11, 2021

Blogging is old news right? In fact, blogging is and will remain one of the best ways of building an online business. Everyone trying to jump on the latest and greatest social media platform soon learns that they are just setting up shop on someone else’s property. From a business perspective that is not always wise.

Why Blog?

When you set up your own blog you control everyone about it. You control the look and feel. You control the content. You control the imagery and branding. Everyone about the blog is something that you can control. Posting on social media a lot of what is happening on the platform is outside of your control.

When somebody is reading your blog it is just your words and images and the reader. You can design the whole experience and customize it just for the readers of your blog. Contrast that with social media platforms. On social media, there are other competitors just above or below your post in the feed. There are distracting ads and attention spans are short when browsing social media.


Build Credibility

Blogging extensively on a topic will not only grow your audience but will also build your own reputation and credibility in that specific field. It is very hard to do this through social media only. When people want to research a specific topic they generally won’t be turning to social media, but rather search through a search engine like Google.


Picking Your Topic

Deciding on your niche or topic for the blog is crucial. Make sure to pick a topic that is wide enough to allow you to create content and blog about it for years to come. Also, make sure to narrow the topic down enough that you will be excluding a lot of the competition that is tackling broader topics. It is a fine line to be focused enough to get traction and broad enough to have a decent-sized audience.

Make sure to start blogging about something you are passionate about. Your passion will shine through in your blogging. You also preferably need some experience and be knowledgeable in the topic you are covering. It is possible to research, but it will be a lot more enjoyable and easier to blog about a topic you know well.


Start Your Blog

After picking your niche or topic you need to get your blog started.  The best way to start is to get website hosting and install WordPress on the server. You might need to figure out how to do this, watch videos or ask a friend, but you will be happy in the future that you spent this time figuring it out.


Setup a Newsletter List

Setup a newsletter list from day one. You want people who find your blog to be able to subscribe to the newsletter and get your blog posts as you publish them. This is an essential step in growing your audience.

When you design your blog or website make sure to include a newsletter subscription form on the site. You will want the form at least on the home page as well as on every blog post. This way you can slowly over time grow the list of subscribers.


Blog Regularly

Make sure to blog regularly. Getting into a daily or weekly blogging habit will help you grow your blog. The more content that is on your website the more chances search engines have of finding content that people are interested in. Creating regular blog posts will also keep your newsletter going and your regular readers happy.

Do lots of research, both online and in-person to figure out what you might be interested in. Also, check if the topic has been extensively covered by other blogs. Jon Dykstra from fatstacksblog.com shares his way of finding low competition niches and topics. Ideally, you want to find topics people are interested in and have not been covered by too many other websites.

Promote Your Blog

After publishing new blog articles you will need to promote these. This is where sending the blog post to your newsletter subscribers is a good idea. You can also share extracts of the article on social media and get people to click through to your blog.


Monetize Your Blog

Once your blog has a relatively large following and gets lots of people on your website it is time to start making some money. As a successful blogger, there are many options for monetizing your website. You can opt for sponsorships, paid ads, or selling products or services directly to your audience. Just make sure that whatever you do you don’t alienate your loyal following.

Good luck with your blogging journey. Remember writing is a great skill to have and only with practice will you get better. Stick with it and grow that business one word at a time.



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