How to Write Compelling Content for Your Website

Jan 27, 2020


It’s 2020. Long gone are the days where you could stuff an article with keywords, stick it on the Internet, and see your website shoot up those Google search results. If you want to make a mark, you need to produce quality content people want to read.

Understanding is easy. Implementing is a whole different story.

If you are struggling to craft compelling content, you’ve landed in the right place. Read on for tips on how to improve your writing ability.


Leave it to the professionals

Okay, this one is cheating. However, some people simply don’t have the time, patience, or writing nous to generate articles to the standard they desire.


If you’re in a similar boat, consider enlisting the help of a professional outlet like Not only can they deliver high-quality articles with a fast turnaround, their expertise in online marketing also means the content will be created with SEO in mind.


Cut out the mistakes

Want to ruin a reader’s immersion in your content? All it takes are a few grammar errors and disjointed sentences. As a result, it is a case of ensuring your articles are free from as many blunders as possible.

To avoid mistakes, consider the following tips:

  • Take a break before proofreading: You should place a fresh set of eyes onto your writing before checking for any issues.
  • Don’t rely entirely on technology: The likes of Grammarly are recommended, but they’re not foolproof. Make sure they don’t remove your tone of voice and cause work to become too robotic.
  • Check for definitions: When developing content, it is easy to get mixed up and confuse certain words for others. Because of this, always double-check any definitions for words or phrases you’re unsure about.
  • Check for repetition: As they’re fresh in your mind, it’s easy to repeat words in your articles. To help check against this, do a CTRL + F search for any words that may have been overused.
  • Have someone look over your work: Awkward phrases, typos, run-on sentences – all issues which might go undetected if you have been viewing the same piece of writing for several hours. In an attempt to avoid this, allow someone else to view your work before publishing.

Break it up

If you scan this article, what parts of it are standing out to you? Which are catching your eye? Chances are it isn’t the standard paragraphs such as this one. Instead, it’ll be the subheadings and aforementioned bullet point list which have likely grabbed your attention.

Keep this in mind when creating content. You should always try to break up the monotony of paragraph after paragraph. Even small alterations such as bolding words, italicising quotes, and underlining important statistics will help accentuate certain aspects of the text, making people stop and take notice.


Be visual

Nobody wants to be faced with a massive wall of text. Any article you produce, especially those which go beyond 1,000 words, should be paired up with visual appeal. Want proof of the impact? Statistics suggest articles containing images receive 94% more views.

As a result, utilise relevant images and videos to add further value to your content.


Know your audience

The last point of this brief article is perhaps the most important. It is essential you have a complete understanding of your audience and the type of content it craves. Does it want professional articles packed with information? Maybe it seeks a relaxed, informal writing style with an injection of humour? Or perhaps it craves something in between?

Whatever the case may be, you need to put on your detective hat and solve the issue.

While the tone of the content can differ, there are aspects of writing captivating articles that are universal. For instance, the introduction has to draw people in. The content needs to tell a story that keeps readers engaged. It should also elicit a reaction, whether this is via comments or people sharing your content.


Add value

If you serve up fluff and tedious information wrapped up into an article, readers will soon checkout and head to rival content providers.

With this in mind, you need to write articles that are unique and rich in valuable info. The latter can be assisted by the use of experts as a reference. With quotes or links to other sources, you add more overall worth to your content.


Stick at it

Last of all, there’s one sure-fire way of improving your writing ability: regularity. If you continually type up words and arrange them into legible forms of content, it’s only going to advance your skills in crafting content.

Oh, and this isn’t the only advantage of remaining consistently productive. With a regular schedule, your website will receive favouritism from the all-important Google algorithms. This, in turn, helps your site rank well during relatable search results.



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