How to Network Better and Build Beneficial Connections

confidence personal development Jan 12, 2022

Many motivational quotes will tell you that to achieve success, you must begin with yourself. It is through becoming a better version of yourself that you will experience a positive shift in your life – a shift that leads you towards your goal.

While there is some truth to these quotes, that is not all it takes to succeed. It’s good to focus on yourself, improve what you have, and make up for what you lack, but you also need to look around you. The thing with success is, you can’t traverse this path alone.


Networking to Success

Everybody needs someone, including you. You can’t reach success on your own – this is the age-old truth. If you want to achieve your goals, you will need to rely on others while providing something to them in exchange. This practice is known to many as networking. 

Don’t press the exit button yet – this isn’t an introduction to pyramid schemes! Now, networking doesn’t have the best reputation; it’s even looked down upon by many. Don’t let the networking misconceptions hold you back from progressing! If you want to go far in life, you need to change your mindset and overcome these barriers.

Levelling Up Your Networking Skills

Contrary to what many think, networking isn’t only for extroverts. No matter your personality type, you can successfully build a successful network! Networking takes practice, experience, and knowledge. You need to learn the right steps to take and hone your skills to build meaningful professional relationships.

Let our guide help you network your way to success:


Giving and Taking

Networking is a two-way street. Yes, you do need to form relationships that will be beneficial to you, but no person will want to connect with you if you’re only interested in what others can offer you. 

Instead of thinking of what you can get out of the situation, think about how you can help others. Show interest in what they have to say and what they are working on, and figure out how you can lend a hand. As long as you’re eager to help, people will be more likely to form relationships with you.


The Time Is Now

You may think that networking is only for people who have reached a particular milestone, for entrepreneurs or job opportunity seekers, but you’re totally wrong! It’s never too soon to begin building your network. No matter what stage you are in your life, you should try to mingle with other people. Not only does this help you hone your networking skills, but you may also find someone that can significantly help you in the far future.


Networking Without Purpose

Having an immediate need or aim when networking is counterproductive—it narrows your perception, making you focus on just one thing. Networking with a clear mind encourages you to connect with more people, instead of overlooking many potential connections.



Networking only sounds complicated because you haven’t done it right yet! Just follow our above tips and practice, practice, practice. No person can become great at networking overnight. The more you sharpen your skills, the easier it will become to build relationships that will be beneficial to your career.

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