How to Make Your Fortnite Character Stand out

Sep 14, 2020


One of the most popular and addictive games available today is Fortnite. This iconic game was developed by Epic Games in 2017 and is available on PC, mobile devices, and consoles. Even though it’s a shooting game, the violence in it is quite cartoonish. If you enjoy cooperative, survival, and battle royale games, you should give this game a try. If you’re already a Fortnite player, but you’re trying to customize your character to make it look unique, read on to learn more about the different ways that can make your character stand out in the game. 

Work on Your Character Skins

You can start working on your character’s skins to make them look more unique and cool. You have hundreds of cool skins to choose from. The Fortnite player base has always debated on which of the top skins are better or holds the highest rank when it comes to design and appeal. But the great thing about this is that there are no right or wrong answers. 

You can choose any skin you want whenever you like. Some skins are rare and hard to acquire, but the hardest ones to get are always the best. Some skins are funny and quite comical, while others are very cool that your character will never be forgotten. See if you can brag to your friends about your legendary skins. You could flaunt your Omega, Inferno, or the Blackheart skin and make every player turn and gawk at your awesomeness!  

Put Your Dancing Shoes On!

One of the best aspects of this game is the cosmetics that you can get. Some of them are achievable after finishing specific feats in-game and others can be purchased. One of the most popular cosmetic features in the game is dancing. You can browse through several of these emotes to try and find the most appealing and rare dance routine that you want your character to have. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to just stop fighting in a match for a few seconds and just start dancing? It can be a great tactic by luring your enemy in, start dancing, and then survive longer in the match because players tend to leave you afterward. Or you could just lure them with a rare dance that no one hardly ever sees like the Fresh or Rock Out dance. This way you will surprise them and shoot them first to get an easy score!

Create a Character with a Memorable Name 

Another cool way that can help you stand out amongst other players is by creating a character that has a memorable name. But don’t worry too much about the choice, you can change your name any time you like. You can use cool fonts for your name in-game and it will make your character look unique and memorable. 

Special symbols can also be used and that can have a great effect on your character. This will make you stand out and you won’t have to worry about violating the TOS rules of the game. There is nothing regarding special letters and fonts for your name that can get you banned. The only way that might get you in trouble and you would be forced to change your name is when you use profanities or racist remarks. Just remember that it’s limited and can only be changed every 2 weeks. 

Glide Like a Pro

One of the coolest ways that can get you to stand out in the game is by having a cool glider to use at the launch pad or when you jump off the Fortnite battle bus. This is another fun cosmetic item that your character can have if you want to show off and brag every match. You have several cool ones to choose from, but the best ones have to be the epic and legendary gliders that you don’t see quite often. Try and see if you can get a Cuddle Cruiser, Frostwing, or a Lazor Chomp to glide down with style.

Fortnite is an epic, fun, and enjoyable game that is loved by millions. You’re able to get together with your friends, hang out in-game, and play a few matches for fun. The frenzy of this game is still ongoing, especially with the new patches and seasons that the game developers keep releasing. Undoubtedly, this game has taken over the industry and it still shows excellent promise for future growth. Remarkably, players are still looking for different ways to make their characters look cool and unique. They want ways to flaunt their special emotes and skins to have a fun time and brag about it with their friends.



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