How to cut your hair at home for the perfect #coronacut

Apr 14, 2020

Lockdown locks. Quarantine quiffs. Seclusion scissors. Are you growing yours out? Is someone in your house talented, or not so talented, wielder of the blades – perhaps a rogue took a few levels in hairdressing? Or have you gone for the Agent 47 shaved bonce?

Daniel D. Fox, executive creative director of games at Andrews McMeel Universal, and designer of two gold ENnies for his dark fantasy game Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG, is a dab hand with some clippers.

He tells us how to do a fairly decent job of doing your own #coronacut. Someone pass me a beer and my clippers. LET’S DO THIS


Are #CoronaCuts a thing?


Because if not, I’m here to share some knowledge on how to cut your kids’ hair, and your own hair.

1/ The right tools

First things first: I am not a barber, but you need the right tools for the job. I bought Oster clippers. Thinning sheers and sharp scissors required.


2/ Using your Osters

I like my hair high and tight, so I start with a 5 guard, and shave all around my head three inches from the base of my hairline to the top to my cowlick (the spiral where your hair grows out).


3/ Parting your hair

Always part to the direct the swirl goes. That’s important for your #CoronaCut, so you can get an accurate shave and guideline to run your Osters over.


4/ Moving on, using your Osters.

Always, ALWAYS “scoop” your hair as you shave. Why? Because that eliminates hard lines in your hair. As you pull the Osters up, simply scoop up away from your head.

5/ Using your guards 5-2

After using a 5 guard, work your way down to a 2 guard. In fact, set out your guards by your sink, so you don’t forget. Basically, treat your hair like it’s a layer cake, shaving each layer lower and lower. Most importantly, take your time. Be sure to scoop!

6/ Down to the 1

Using a 1 guard, “feel out” the base of your hair and slant it at an angle. A handheld mirror, or even your phone, will help you control this. Then, “circle” it at an angle around your ear and along the line of your hair until it reaches the base of your hairline.


7/ Thinning shears!

I don’t like to trim length, but thinning shears helps you blend in the ends into the fade. The important thing here is to work slow, and only trim the ends until it feels right. You are removing a lot of weight from your hair. Go slow and be judicious.


8/ Finishing up

Once you’re finished, wash and condition with hair oil. I use argan oil, as trimmers are hard on your hair’s health and shampoo dries it out. Once complete, powder your head to reduce itchiness. Use what barbers do: a fine horsehair brush and Pinaud Clubman Powder.


9/ Layers

And that’s it! Quick hack – if your hair isn’t layering correctly, simply grab your thinning sheers, and cut slightly deeper into the hair (2-3 inches above the scalp). Feel your hair with your fingers to take measure of how it lies.


10/ Good luck with your first  #CoronaCut!

It takes practice, and if you don’t get it right the first time, that’s okay. Hair grows, and we’re likely to be social distancing for a while.


Be safe, healthy, and remember: wash your hands!


Executive Creative Director of Games at Andrews McMeel Universal
Daniel D. Fox is the executive creative director of games at Andrews McMeel Universal. He was awarded two gold ENnies at Gen Con 2018 for Best Game and Product of the Year with his dark fantasy Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG.

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