How to Be a Well-Equipped D&D Live Streamer

d&d streaming Sep 08, 2021
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Listen! Warriors, sorcerers, paladins, and druids, this fertile land is yours to conquer. The perceived limits do not exist. Wield your swords with strength and fury, gather your breastplates, and make sure to fill the potion bottles with um… with potions! The quest for higher glory and gold does not stop where you currently stand; there is far more deeper digging that must be done. And the edge of the world is within your reach only if you are eager to march.

Now that all the geeks out there have received their early battle pep talk, they are now ready to take on the world of Dungeons & Dragons. But of course, one can never be truly ready without undergoing proper training. And just like in real life, geeks who dream of dominating the world of online streaming must take intensive Twitch coaching.


The Open World of Dungeons & Dragons

The D&D community is as vast as the game itself, with networks of gamers devoted to accomplishing astounding tasks and increasing their statistics, and having fun. As it turns out, the game was taken to another level of excitement when Acquisitions Inc first introduced the idea of D&D live streaming in 2010. The rest is history, as its ever-growing development throughout the years has led to a more competitive arena with the help of streaming platforms such as, Google Hangouts, and

The classic principle “survival of the fittest” can be true in RPG and live streaming, as one can only be successful with the right equipment. Since vicious kings and queens dominate the streaming arena, it is your sole duty to stand out from the rest by considering the following.

1. Audio

High-end mixers or expensive lapel microphones are not a requirement; just a decent microphone with an excellent register will certainly do the job. Yeti microphones, for example, exude simplicity, but their clear and deadly register ensures a sharp cut. Good audio will make the game a lot more exciting, so it is essential to invest in nice microphones.

Also the bard will never forgive you if their audio quality is crappy.

2.  Video

Fun can be shown more visibly from videos than any audio could offer. And so, it is only necessary to invest in an excellent webcam. A decent camera with a clear resolution will make your streaming far more interesting than those with blurry, pixelated gameplay.

Again, the bard’s performance will suffer massively if the game looks like someone cast ‘grease’ on the lense. 

3. Software

It is also worth noting that your streaming is only as good as the software you use. With weak software and laggy platforms, your streaming empire will surely fall to its knees. For optimum gaming experience, it is highly recommended to use OBS for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

4. Services

Another crucial factor that makes streaming fun and effective is how extensive the streaming site is in terms of service. If it allows interactivity, then it certainly is a good platform. 

Communication-related features are also crucial since several players often carry tasks. Twitch, for example, has live chat and third-party tabletop services that make streaming uncomplicated and exciting.

Let people throw their hard earned coin at the bard, or possibly allow channel points to be redeemed with hilarious consequences.


The factors mentioned above hold a high degree of importance, with success rate and interest heavily reliant on them. But the effectiveness of your gameplay is not entirely reflective of how special your equipment is. Your gaming community will always be your backbone. Creating your network of people is necessary, and your empire will only be strong with robust viewership.

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