How Much Should You Spend on a New Laptop? Find Out Here

Jun 21, 2021

With advances in technology, laptops have been evolving year after year to perform even better. If you’re planning to buy a new laptop for work, gaming, or just for fun, it can be quite difficult to decide on a laptop that suits you best. Depending on what you are going to use your laptop for, the budget you have, and the specs you require, you can filter out the options and buy a laptop that will do the job for you. 

This article will discuss the various ranges and features of the laptops available in the market to help you decide the best fit for you. To assist you in buying the best laptop, this article will help you estimate how much you should spend on a new laptop.

The Average Cost

Most Americans spend an average of $600-$700 on a laptop. However, every user has different needs. When it comes to laptops, one size does not fit all. Deciding on the cost of buying a new laptop depends on a variety of factors. If you are a video editor or a gamer, you may need a high-end laptop with great performance in CPU and graphic quality. However, if you plan to use your laptop just to manage documents, you can make do with a cheaper laptop. 

An average laptop that will cost you around $500-$700 will be able to manage the basic functions and might even provide certain features that may not be available in the cheapest of laptops. If you don’t have any fancy requirements, a laptop in this cost range will work perfectly for you. However, if you are tech-savvy, you may need to up your estimated budget.


Mid-Range Laptops

If you are looking for a balance between performance and budget, mid-range laptops that cost under $1000 may fulfill your requirements. Mid-range laptops have a powerful central processing unit, graphic card, memory, and ram. They are capable of withstanding enough load without lagging or heating up like a burner. 

However, they have certain limits when it comes to multitasking heavy workloads. It is ideal for students who occasionally play games, always have multiple tabs open on the Internet, and study from slides. With that said, the technical savvy team at explains that mid-range laptops have high-end features like keyboard backlight, good speakers, and high-resolution screens. Some of the laptops even provide the feature of finger scans. High-security features, good performance, and long-lasting battery life are what make mid-range laptops attractive to invest in. 

If you are someone who buys a laptop once every 4 to 5 years, you can think of investing in a mid-range laptop that can cost around $800-$1000. Since you are not going to replace it with a new one soon, a mid-range laptop will last you for a couple of years without any servicing issues. 


High-End Laptops

Laptops that are rich in features have great battery life, and the best of graphic quality can cost above $1000. High-end laptops are best for graphic designers, animation artists, video editors, and filmmakers. In addition to this, people who love playing high-quality games must have a laptop that can sustain the FPS and graphic requirements. In fast-paced games, a single second of lag can turn a victory into defeat. This is the reason why gaming laptops are one of the costliest laptops in the market. 

With that said, filmmakers and video editors need to work on a lot of files and videos at the same time. In addition, they might need to switch between windows frequently. The rendering process of a video takes up a lot of run-time memory. The better the performance of a laptop, the faster it will be able to render a video. This is why professional filmmakers and editors need to have a high-end laptop that can sustain their workload. If you are planning to do a lot of editing or gaming or maybe both, you will have to invest an estimated amount of $1000-$1500 to buy a new laptop.  

Every user has different needs and expectations from a laptop. Depending on your work, you can choose to spend anything between $700-$1500 on a new laptop. If you plan to carry out basic work on your laptop, you can buy an average laptop that costs around $500-$700. If you want a balance between performance and budget, you can buy a mid-range laptop that can cost you under $1000. If you are a professional video editor or plan to do a lot of gaming on your laptop, you will probably need to spend over $1000 to buy a new laptop.



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