How Do You Get Confident In Cosplay?

confidence cosplay Oct 07, 2019

How do you progress your ability in cosplay?

And what happens when you’re ridiculously skilled and still get nervous out of costume?

I bring you on to the Main Stage at the UK’s largest pop culture event, MCM Comic Con London, to talk about it of course!


Cast your mind back to May of 2019. Summer was on its way at Excel London threw open its doors to around 130,000 geek culture fans of all kinds; the graphic novel crew, gamers, geeks, otaku, streamers and of course… cosplayers.

Cosplayers often take up residence in the courtyard of Excel, showing off their outfits, taking part in group photos, performances, TikToks, and generally having a great time.

I was fortunate to swipe four of them to join me and talk about developing your cosplay confidence. These four awesome cosplayers take me through getting involved in cosplay, finding support, developing new skills, and much more.

(And I share a picture of me dressed as Misty from Pokémon.)

Video is below and grab your free Coaching for Geeks cosplay confidence cheat sheet.



Atom Cosplay 

Atom has featured in everything from Syndicate videos to on the side of buses! Having recently performed alongside Microsoft, Atom Cosplay is equipped to answer any question about cosplay; from how to build foam armour to how to handle working in the professional environment.

‘I never really knew cosplay existed at first. I made costumes for fancy dress parties and Halloween, I entered my first Masquerade and fell in love. I work mainly with EVA foam, expanding foam, cardboard etc, and love to upcycle/recycle anything into a costume. Since getting the hang of Foam Smithing, I’ve started adding motors, LEDs and even homemade smoke machines into my cosplays.’




‘Nice to meet all you lovely costumers and cosplayers alike! If you want to know a little bit about me, I have been an avid cosplayer for 6 years now and still loving every minute of it.

I wear a combination of homemade and bought Costumes, although as time went by I found simply getting into a costume my favourite part! Cosplay, to me, is bringing the characters I love to life. I enjoy bringing smiles to both kids and adults as I bring their beloved characters to life in the real world!

My favourite cosplay to date is hard to choose, one of my favourites will always be my Ariel from my little mermaid, used for children’s parties and Charities to help raise money.’




DC Theo Models

DC Theo Models has been cosplaying for 5 years and builds mainly out of foam. ‘I love trying new materials and experimenting, my Reinhardt used a method of Pepakura. I also make what are classed as big builds. These are on platforms, or just bigger than me! Characters I have fallen in love keep me motivated, my Berserker Armour took 5 months but was worth it for the end result! 

I’m seriously excited to return to MCM, I have been lucky enough to place Judge’s choice at MCM London 2016 and won MCM London 2017 Sunday Masquerade so I’m looking forward to seeing all the incredible costumes and meeting people!’



His Imperialness

‘I’m Ed (otherwise known as; @his_imperialness) and I’ve been cosplaying for 5 years. What started as an occasional indulgence has now become a permanent part of my life!

Cosplay allowed me to discover a shiny world of beautiful people who coexist in the fandom-verse to support each other. From my humble beginnings as a Capitol Citizen (gold hair is fabulous…) I worked my way through Wonderland as the White Rabbit until I decided to pursue a path of villainous genderbending. If you like sass, sparkle and cosplays you may or may not recognise, then I’m the kind of cosplayer for you!

Cosplaying is an ego boost; it can be a fragile bubble but all it takes is that one compliment and then I feel unstoppable! If you ever see a cosplay you like, even if you haven’t a clue what it is, please tell the cosplayer. You really could add some sparkle to their day!’



We’ll be back at MCM in the future and watch out for Coaching for Geeks at EGX London in October 2019.

Until then, let us know who you think Robin should cosplay as in the Coaching for Geeks Community.



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