Here’s Why Every Startup Business Needs a Website

Jun 22, 2021

When people begin their own company, they may see little value in creating a website. They may have been busy focusing on kickstarter campaigns or buying materials and premises. When there are staffs to employ and brands to design, it may be tempting to push the whole idea aside.

A study of new companies would reveal that their websites are in fact an integral part of everything that they do. Having a digital presence can open up the way to a potentially global audience, and become a great source of revenue. If you are still unconvinced, read on because this article will demonstrate the power of having a business website.

Because Help Is Always At Hand

Even if you have sufficient know-how to create your own website, it can be hugely beneficial to get a second opinion from someone with more business experience. Many people wouldn’t know where to begin with designing one, in which case they’d be looking for an IT consultant or third party company to come alongside.

The internet is full of helpful specialist websites that can guide you. There are blogs and articles, and even free e-books you can download. Added to that is YouTube with its host of free tutorials and training videos. In answer to the question, ‘do I need a website?’ you can learn online that customers expect you to have one, and that it can make it easier to sell products and services. Many provide FAQs on such things as websites for small businesses and the type of content you need to post.

Because SEO Is A Powerful Tool

By this, we mean Search Engine Optimization. With the help of analytical software or finding an SEO professional, you can learn about your website visitors and identify your target customers. If peoples’ Google search words are incorporated into your website, your page ranking will increase, making it more visible to potential customers.

In ‘the good old days’ companies took a while to become established and successful. Over time, they built up custom through word of mouth, personal recommendations, and advertising. If a new company’s website hits the jackpot from an SEO angle, however, it can be listed ahead of its more established rivals.

It Makes Your Business Credible

People will visit your website for more information on your products and services, and be actively seeking customer reviews before they buy. The home page will be your chance to explain who you are, what you are providing, and why. Research confirms that first impressions are very important. People expect to discover clear branding, to learn how you can meet their needs, and to understand why you are better than your rivals. By posting informative articles and regular blogs, you can be perceived as an authority in your area of business. In turn, people will develop trust, and ultimately they may become paying customers.

Social Media And Blogging Can Direct People To It

People will visit your social media pages to read quality content, discover discounts and learn about new product launches. Whether you are on Facebook or Twitter, you can then create online campaigns containing URLs to your website sales pages.

Blogging is another great marketing tool that harnesses the power of regular free content. The blogs can be optimized for SEO and contain links to your website. You could also approach content writing companies and ghostwriters who can create articles that include links to your pages. Your website ranking could be improved, and online traffic would be created.

It Can Help You Acquire Peoples’ Email Addresses

Many companies find email marketing to be a highly effective way to make money. Research shows that if the senders include video content, people are even more likely to engage with it.

So, how can you get peoples’ email addresses? By offering free stuff. Tempt your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter by offering free e-books or discounts. Free trial periods for products can also be profitable. All the people have to do is enter their email address to receive your offer, and – hey presto – you now have their address for your future campaigns. 

Because People Want Quality Customer Service

They no longer want to queue for call centers with restricted opening hours. People want to be able to find what they want, even if they are online late at night or during a national holiday. People want to use live chats or receive automated responses to certain questions. Folks want to access new product tutorials and videos too. If they have created online accounts, they also want to find out about their orders and refunds 24/7.

People desire to have access to online catalogs with dropdown menus featuring product specifications, reviews, and more. Whatever needs a customer has, a website can be used to achieve them. It’s important to appreciate that when website visitors can get what they want 24/7, they can become paying customers 24/7.

Because Smartphones Are The Future

More and more companies are becoming smart offices, using phone apps and the cloud to operate from anywhere. Whether it’s accounting apps or those designed for field staff, they can all be operated remotely. In a similar way, the public wants to do more and more from their phones rather than their computers.

IT companies are talking about making websites ‘mobile-first’ as a result. Your website should therefore display as well on a smartphone or tablet as it will from a PC or laptop. This will ensure that the growing number of online smartphone users will be happy to use your site. 

Hopefully, this article has now convinced you of the power of owning a business website. It can be working when you aren’t, meeting customers’ needs, and providing you with revenue. They say that all roads lead to Rome, and all your advertising can lead to your sales pages. Rather than being a burden, your website can be a powerful tool that helps your business grow for many years to come.



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