Grow Your Podcast Audience in 2022 With These 6 Handy Tips

podcasting Oct 13, 2021



There’s an old saying about a falling tree in the woods, which can be said the same for podcasts. If you have stellar podcast content, you put your entire soul and heart into it, but no one listens to it, does it even make a sound? It might be time to shift your strategy. Knowing how to promote your podcast is just as essential as having one in the first place.

Growing your podcast entails boosting downloads, maximising your content interaction across multiple platforms, and growing a devoted following that can consume your content whenever they choose, as well as being your brand cheerleders. So how exactly do we go about growing our podcast listeners? Here are six excellent tips.

1. Don’t Get Left Out on the Mobile App Scene

Podcast applications for smartphones are on the rise, and many people find podcasts they want to listen to by looking through categories in podcast directories. 

To increase your chances of getting noticed, you should submit your podcast to as many of these directories as possible. Apps for iOS and Android not only help you expand your audience but also improve your content’s revenue potential.

2. Leverage Social Media Advertising

Sometimes you need to do something extra to break through the noise, and social media advertising is the perfect method to do it! Choose the platform where your target audience spends most of their time and focus your ad efforts there.

The value of social media advertising rests in its targeting, so be particular in your approach! You can retarget people who have already visited your website if you already have a company or an established website or blog. 

If you’ve just begun your podcast, you can start by targeting audiences based on particular keywords or hobbies connected to your podcast. For example, if you’re starting a gaming podcast, you can target creators or avid gamers.

3. Build on Audience Feedback

Whether you listen to your audience or not, they will provide feedback inevitably. Some might be challenging to accept, but it is essential for progress. 

You want your audience to be satisfied, so listen and be receptive to their suggestions. Many podcasters do not do this, but those who do can gain loyal fans for life.

4. Post a Transcription of Your Episodes for Increased Visibility

Do you want to appear in search results? You’ll need to do some SEO! While you don’t have to be an SEO expert, you can do a few things to enhance visibility, one of which is transcribing your episodes and adding the transcript in your show notes. When you transcribe, you make it easier for Google to identify all the essential keywords mentioned during your episode. We love Happy Scribe as a simple, effective, and affordable transcription service.


5. Invite a High Profile Guest

Partnering with a high-profile guest is an excellent way to produce high-quality, one-of-a-kind content.

If a guest is popular enough, you’ll typically get a steady stream of new listeners who are also fans of your guest. If they like your episode enough, you’ll get new fans right off the bat. One of the many benefits of having high-profile guests on your podcast is increasing your community exposure and authority.

6. Chart Your Progress

Define what podcast success truly means to you, then put in the effort to measure it. What metrics are most important to you? They might be numerical, such as your subscription count or total episode plays.

Alternatively, they might be qualitative, such as a high rating on podcast sites or an active listenership. Determine your success baselines and expand your audience with that goal in mind. If your definition of success is earning Sponsorship income, you may direct your audience toward a specific CPM.


No matter how you define success, keep in mind that long-term audience development takes time and work. It may take some time for your podcast to get traction, and that’s fine. With a good attitude and targeted advertising, you can begin to attract new listeners.

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