Essential Accessories Every Hardcore Card Enthusiast Should Invest In

Mar 31, 2021

Everyone was a card enthusiast at some point in their life, it’s a big part of everyone’s childhood – and some people simply take this hobby into their adulthood as well! It’s actually quite a popular hobby, not to mention lucrative if you do it the right way. Some trading card enthusiasts do this because they simply like cards whilst others find a way to make money from them, selling and trading rare and discontinued finds! Regardless of the reason, cards look best while being preserved so they keep the best possible shape! Here are some essential accessories every hardcore card enthusiast should invest in!

Protective sleeves

Card collectors should strive for one thing – keeping their collection intact! Creators of suggest that in order to keep your cards safe and sound, you need to create a barrier between them and the world – quite literally. The surface and the corners of the cards are oftentimes the most fragile parts that easily get damaged, but adding a protective sleeve helps to keep them intact!

Magnetic holders

A popular form of preserving the cards is by using magnetic, or snap-on plastic holders. This is important if you plan on trading or selling your cards, especially if they are rare, old or autographed! You want to preserve their condition, so they or the autograph doesn’t fade – remember. The better the condition, the higher the price! These types of holders are often for special cards, as they take a bit more space if you plan on putting every single one of your cards from your collection in one of those holders, but do as you please!

Display stands

If you want to show off your card collection, the best way to do it is to invest in a proper, glass stand that can be hung on your wall! You can use regular frames to do this as well, especially if you plan on displaying cards on a smaller scale, you can just place them in a frame and you have a DIY card display stand. But there are proper card displays you can get, that are for singular cards or for a whole set, depending on what you need!

Card albums

What’s collecting cards without looking at them? The charm of owning so many important cards to you is the ability to look and hold them – but you do want to be cautious and preserve their quality. Since handprints and constantly flipping and shuffling them is not the best thing you can do, it’s better to get a card album and fill it in with your favourite cards. This way you can flip them and look at them as much as you want minus the damage!

Card sheets and binders

If you want to rearrange your cards and look at them all the time and show them to other people as well, it’s best if you get card sleeves you can attach and detach from binders! This is a practical, easy yet effective trick many collectors use!

Collectible card bin

If you have multiple different card sets and types, you want to store them separately, and you can easily do so with collectable card bins! Instead of just wasting space on separate boxes, or even worse – using rubber bands to separate cards into piles, as it can damage and deform them in the process! But card bins allow you to take a quick look at them, to see what pile you are handling, without having to pick them up and rearrange them later on!

Storage boxes

Sometimes, card collectors can go overboard and simply don’t have enough space in their homes for their hobbies. That’s why getting sturdy and waterproof storage boxes is the best thing you can do if you decide to place your cards in your garage or storage. This is better than placing them in cardboard boxes or bags, as water and humidity can and will damage them eventually!

A dedicated notebook

Lastly, it’s a good idea to have a notebook specifically dedicated to your card collecting hobby! Even if it doesn’t seem necessary, having a dedicated notebook where you track how many, and what kind of cards you own, can come in handy, especially if you own thousands of cards. Being organized will help you so much in this process, so make sure you write stuff down!

So regardless if you are collecting cards as a hobby, or as a financial investment, it’s still good to keep them properly and maintain their good condition. Who knows how much a well-preserved card can be sold for in the future, you never know! So it’s best to be safe than sorry when handling such fragile things!



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