CRM Functionality And Features Your Business Should Take Advantage Of

Apr 03, 2021


Any business owner knows that customer relationship should be among an organization’s top concerns. Customers are major stakeholders of a business since they generate profits, invest in products and services, support the organization, and guide the business’ direction. Successful businesses realize that they should accommodate and adapt to the preferences, demographics, and interests of customers. To do that, businesses must cultivate a strong relationship with their customers. While it’s true that a business with good customer relationships helps win over their clients’ loyalty, this attributes as well in attracting more customers. This is why any organization must invest in a quality customer relationship management system. Here are CRM functionality and features that your business should take advantage of.

Reliable Reports 

Any organization must know the importance of data and how to make use of this data to its full potential. Data obtained from Google Analytics, social media, business software, CRM technology, and business software can be extremely beneficial when used strategically. The benefit of using this extracted data -a filtered, sorted, cleaned, and analyzed data- is that you’re using valuable information for your business. If your data is not ready for immediate implementation, then it’s not actionable, and therefore will not make any difference. However, when you use a CRM system, you will be able to go deeper into this information and draw great conclusions. For instance, social media can provide incredibly reliable and beneficial metrics and Google Analytics can be used to track website traffic. When your business starts prioritizing maintaining sorted data that is clean and error-free, you will start to see significant positive change. CRM systems can be used to collect, tabulate, and organize this information, making it easier for you to analyze and employ it. This way, you will also be able to understand who interacts with your business, as well as how, when, and where they do it. You can obtain reports that show how efficiently you are interacting with your customers and leads and visualize your customer service and sales efforts.


Manual customer management can be a very labor-intensive process. You first need to input data, sort through it, filter it, and then represent this information graphically. The reviews on this site suggest that if you invest in CRM software, you can rest assured that most of these issues will be taken care of. Besides, the software can be used to set up a dashboard for each person who is part of your organization. For example, you can set up a custom dashboard that displays metrics and click-through rates to your marketing director. Meanwhile, your sales manager will have direct access to reports on all the calls that the business has been receiving. Reports that can be directly accessed allow organizational members to immediately access and view the data that they care about without having to dig through various reports. This will help boost and improve workflow and overall work productivity.

Automated Outreach 

As your CRM system continues to run, you keep recording data regarding market trends, audience, and the industry. This allows you to create relevant and optimized outreach and messaging, which helps with both, automated and manual campaigns. Pairing automated messaging with dynamic content can help you group people with significant similarities. Putting people with similar interests together can be beneficial when it comes to sending automated emails that target specific audiences. You will also be able to add and drop people out of drip campaigns based on actions or alternating preferences.

Proactive Service

CRM software can help your sales team improve its outreach and customer care methods and efforts, similarly to how it can help you optimize outreach and marketing funnels. This is because when you use CRM software, your sales team will always be on top of your customers’ needs and can provide them with instant help, working on proactively solving their issues. Any sales team realizes that having CRM software that immediately shows relative data on their dashboards is an extremely invaluable asset. It is time-saving and straight to the point, which allows customers to feel like their needs are met and that they’re highly valued and appreciated. When your customer care team is proactive and knowledgeable, this reduces time to resolution and improves customer satisfaction, attracting new customers and retaining current ones.

Investing in CRM software can have great benefits for your business. CRM software digs and sorts through numerous amounts of data and provides it for relevant organizational members on their dashboards. This increases their knowledge in their area of expertise and allows them to work more efficiently. CRM system significantly improves workflow and productivity within the business. It also ensures that you are aware of your customer’s needs, allowing you to satisfy and maintain your current customers while attracting new ones.



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