Coaching for Geeks Award Winners 2020

Jan 01, 2021


2020 has finally come to a close. Breathe. Unclench those teeth. The year that many would rather forget. Despite the awfulness it brought, we chose to celebrate some of the greatness that took place.

The Coaching for Geeks community nominated and voted their choices through to the finals. The public voted on the CfG Awards finalists in their thousands and the awards winners were announced live on Twitch on 30th December 2020.




The Boys return with a bloody bang to take on superhero tropes, and indeed the cult of superheroism itself. Incredible, violent, action plus some timely social commentary, make The Boys your runner up TV Show of the Year.

“The Boys – if superheroes could be super whores and never do super chores, with no responsibility they are no longer super bores.” – Kieran, Coaching for Geeks Community Member

“The Avengers, but on crack.” – Terry, TCDrive

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The weight of the Star Wars franchise currently rests on the shoulders of the titular antihero. A bounty hunter tasked with delivering The Child (AKA Baby Yoda) to a sect of space wizards (the Jedi), Season 2 doesn’t rest on its laurels and delivers an adventure story which was consistently entertaining.

“This is the way Star Wars is meant to be enjoyed.” – Kieran, Coaching for Geeks Community Member

“The Mandalorian has been an epic adventure that brings the Star Wars Universe to a wider audience. Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are absolute geniuses, master storytellers, and are the heroes that the fans deserve!” Mark – The Copy Father

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The man known among geek kind as The Doctor, Barty Crouch Jr., Scrooge McDuck, and Lord Commander, and many more besides, gets talking with the biggest names from TV, movies, comedy and elsewhere.

Listen to David Tennant Does a Podcast with…



Critical Role, emerging from Geek & Sundry as the runaway success story, Critical Role sees talented voice actors take on Dunegons & Dragons. Led by Dungeon Master Matt Mercer, Critcial Role is now in its second story arc, broadcast live before the COVID pandemic, saw its back catalogue of epsiodes turned into podcasts, giving people the chance to catch up even if they can’t sit and watch video.

“Matt Mercer makes being a nerd cool. For me, it’s about bringing me back to Dungeons and Dragons, something I hadn’t played in forever. I also love listening to Critical Role – I laugh, I cry, I scream. There aren’t many people who have that much power. But more than that, Matt stands for and supports so many positive organizations and people. He’s used his power to help positively change the world.” – Sarah, Coaching for Geeks Community Member

Listen to the Critical Role Podcast



Years of hype meant that poor old Cyberpunk 2077 could never live up to expectations. At launch on last gen consoles it was a buggy mess, which saw SONY pulling the game from PlayStation Store. The PC release fared better, but is riddled with bugs and glitches, and is far from being the Deus Ex beater that was promised. Add in CD Projekt Red being problematic in many ways, crunch, and delays, and Cyberpunk 2077 took second place as your Disappointment of the Year.

Get Cyberpunk 2077 on console (just make sure it can run it) or get Cyberpunk 2077 on PC.



Oh Twitch. Twitch, Twitch, Twitch. The massive explosion in live streaming saw Twitch fail to handle issues of abuse running rampant on the platform. Meanwhile adding in intrusive pre roll and mid roll adverts, skimming off about 50% of what broadcasters make, applying its own rules inconsistently, causing a DMCA panic which saw people delete all their VODs just to be sure. And then making simp, virgin, and incel banned terms instead of dealing with the racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism…

Twitch is your disappointment of the year.

“Twitch is still the leading platform for streamers looking to make a name for themselves. However they end 2020 on a sour note with their stance of DMCA takedowns – essentially not getting involved. No help or advice given, leaving streamers to have to navigate a complex situation with no support.” Derek – Beardy’s Rock Club

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Last year’s winner of inspiration of the year takes runner up this time. Dungeon Master of Critical Role, and the voice of countless iconic characters including Goro Majima in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Iron Man in Fortnite,

Matthew Mercer is what would happen if you mixed a cowboy with a cup of hot chocolate. A true master of storytelling, he has this almost superhuman ability to captivate you with his voice. I was first introduced to Matt when he voiced Jesse McCree in Overwatch. The second I heard “it’s high noon”, McCree was my favourite.

Matthew Mercer was also my first real look I to dungeons and dragons. I began watching critical role in 2019. Matt has inspired me not only to give being a DM a shot but to also expand and create my own words and stories. – Reece, DungeonMasterViper

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Elliot Page announced he was trans on December 1st, and the world paid attention. Known for playing geeky roles, in movies, games, and shows including Juno, X-Men, Inception, Beyond: Two Souls, and The Umbrella Academy, Elliot has helped nonbinary folx to get more support, and more understanding from their cis allies.

For being a phenomenal actor and role model, Elliot Page is the Coaching for Geeks Inspiration of the Year.

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As a nonbinary person myself, it’s been amazing to watch Elliot Page come out and get the brilliant, welcoming reception that he did. It gives me hope for my nonbinary siblings and myself. -Vic,



As Zagreus, the immortal Prince of the Underworld, you’ll wield the powers and mythic weapons of Olympus to break free from the clutches of the god of the dead himself, while growing stronger and unravelling more of the story with each unique escape attempt. Making roguelikes accessible to people who hate roguelikes, and making everyone a little bit bi with its cast of gods and demigods making everyone thirsty, Hades is your runner up. A wonderful game which in any other year would have taken first place…  

“Supergiant Games blew out of early access to drop what would become one of the biggest games this year. 2020 needed a hero and it came in the form of really aesthically pleasing gods and goddesses. Thank God for Hades for providing a sexy distraction and a really repayable game.” Heather – The Valkyries

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The little game that could. Among Us launched in 2018 with little fanfare. The game of completing tasks, while a number of impostors lurk among us, trying to kill and then pass the blame on to the innocent, became a phenomenon in 2020. Playable on PC and mobile phones made the game super accessible, and YouTubers and streamers leapt on the opportunity to be delightfully deceitful. Memes followed and ‘X is Sus’ fell into the common lexicon. A pop culture icon, support has been so great that developer InnerSloth has ceased work on a sequel to pour more into the first game, as well as taking on the wonderful Victoria Tran, formerly of Kitfox Games, to handle their social media, amplifying the game’s reach even further.

Among Us is your Indie Game of the Year. And it launched on Nintendo Switch in 2020 so it’s eligible!

“Among Us has become a new family event. We’ve even adopted some of my friends into my family. My 7-year-old nephew loves playing with his older cousins and family. It’s kept us connected during the pandemic!” – Sarah, Coaching for Geeks Community Member

“Among Us… Even family is sus!” – Mere, Coaching for Geeks Community Manager

Get Among Us on PC, get Among Us on Nintendo Switch, or download Among Us from your mobile app store.



Take the bleakest of years, and add the bleakest of games, and The Last of Us Part II takes runner up. This was not a fun game to play. A heart breaking study of fear, rage, and revenge that was somehow made to fit inside the aging PS4 hardware. Some people did not react well to THAT ending, but no matter what you thought, it certainly stays with you.

The Last of Us Part II is your runner up for AAA Game of the Year.

“The last of us part 2 – well I loved it, especially the ending. Everyone else can go fuck.” Terry – TCDrive

Get The Last of Us Part II on PlayStation 4



The game about setting up home on a deserted island and then… well that’s up to you. Grow plants, look for furniture, catch fish, visit friends. With no way to lose, and no way to win, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the perfect way to relax and catch up with friends during lockdown.

“Animal Crossing kept me from sinking too far into depression this year. It gave me something to focus on daily when the rest of the world was too much. It has its flaws, but seeing and talking to my villagers has often been the highlight of my day.“ – Mary

“Animal Crossing- A game about being able to go outside and socialise with friends that came out when we couldn’t go outside or socialise with friends.” – Andrew

“Animal Crossing is such a big phenomenon that one time I ran home to get back in time before Nook Cranny closed (true story).” – Vicente

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Paul Flannery is not unknown to the CfG Community, writer of Role Play Gourmet, we first encountered him when he brought Knightmare Live to the stage. A reimagining of the classic kids tv show, which has been a familiar attraction at conventions across the UK. Then lockdown struck and Paul took first to Facebook Live, and then Twitch, to bring more Knightmare action, Questiny, and the Mind Pub to your homes.  Interactive, nerdy AF, and the safest pub in all the land, you can play games, guess what snacks are in the pack, and ask a question of the dragon.

The Pirate Moustache is the runner up for Coaching for Geeks streamer of the year, in the less than 1000 followers category.

“The Pirate Moustache has brought together a group of likeminded folk and given us the opportunity to reminisce about the best nostalgia of our childhood. Games, chat and the occasional Dragon – what’s not to love?!” – Claire, Coaching for Geeks Community Member

“Pirate Moustache gave us a place to feel safe, it was like going out without going out. I have made new excellent friends through his streams and the community has sprung large from the seeds he has sewn.” – Adrian, Coaching for Geeks Community Member

“Knightmare Live is great entertainment, a lot of nostalgia for childhood TV. The Mind Pub has been really great during lockdown – it allows you to switch off from everything and relax in a fun way. The Pirate Moustache has cultivated a great community around the channel too – everyone is included.” BarbOxon

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Rhiebelle only began streaming 6 months ago. After 10 years in the army, lockdown saw Rhiebelle facing redundancy, so took to Twitch exactly 6 months before the Coaching for Geeks Awards took place. Tackling topics of mental health, delighting on Marbles on Stream, and playing a mix of games from action adventure, to mind bending puzzles, via horror Saturdays, Rhiebelle has developed a community in a short space of time. Things are only going to get bigger for our winner of 2020, who hit 1000 followers on the day the CfG Awards took place.

In Rhiebelle’s own words “My purpose on Twitch and in life is to normalise mental health conversations and encourage mindfulness & self-care, all while having fun, being rhiediculous, & creating a community of awesome humans.” and she’s certainly succeeded in doing that!

“Rhiebelle’s electric personality has managed to make a welcoming, healthy, embracing community in just a couple of months. Promoting self-care, equality and unicorn boops for all! All whilst looking like a glamazon princess.” – Lillias, Caged Crinoline

“Rhiebelle is a lovely and wonderful cinnamon roll!” – SapphoThornback

“Rhiebelle is a fabulous human being who knows how to deliver the tee and sass with mindful approaches. She rhiebels in it all and loves it” – saschacooper

“Rhiebelle is funny and has a heart-warming charm. She’s managed to create a near-unique community of astonishingly great people here on Twitch” MisterHappySquid

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BethSouls is one of the most welcoming streamers around. Kind and cheeky, her audience has tripled in 2020, yet her streams remain warm, friendly, welcoming, and supportive. While the games are largely cute and cozy, the chat can get quite spicy at times, though it’s always respectful. BethSouls has raised money for both Mermaids and The Trevor Project through charity streams in 2020. In her own words “no matter how much you feel like a failure or a fuck up or that you don’t fit in anywhere, you fit in here! I promise.”

“Beth is a fantastic natural streamer her warmth and kindness to everyone is so reassuring and she’s also a huge supporter of the LBGTQI+ movement so she can offer a safe space to anyone that needs it. You will fall in love with her instantly and her plushies.” – Retro Raging Game Studio

“Beth cares about every single individual here, whether they’ve been here 3 years or 5 minutes” – Gandalf_Cheesman

“Beth is very loving a wholesome and welcomes each and every person into her community with a huge smile on her face.” – Katie B

“I met Beth last year and was immediately impressed by her and her community. She is an incredibly warm and kind presence on Twitch and her community reflects that as they are very welcoming and supportive. Beth deeply cares about other people and spreads so much kindness and support to those around her, as well as causes she believes in and wants to make the world a brighter place. And with her charity efforts and how many appreciate her, I’d say she has definitely succeeded there.” – J G112

“Beth is one of the most caring people I’ve met, she’s always friendly to everyone she meets, whether they deserve it or not. She’s always trying her best to be as inclusive as possible. Her streams always cheer me up when I need it because of her fun personality and I always look forward to them. She’s someone that’s always thinking about other people and trying her best and that really shows in her streams.” – ryaccoon

“Beth is a welcoming soul who often underestimates just how lovely she is. Her warmth is something that comes naturally – everyone immediately feels welcomed in Beth’s chat. She is a bright light on Twitch, and a person who clearly cares for her community. She is a rare breed of streamer, and will light up when you say hello in her streams, whether you are there every time or haven’t been there for a few months. She is a pure soul!” – Nerdy_Senpai

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Delightful mayhem abounds on John Robertson’s streams. The man who invites Darrens to escape from The Dark Room has grown a community which is diverse, welcoming, and can veer between total chaos to heartfelt chat in the same session. John’s comedic background and improv skills come to the fore when channel points are opened, and chart can confess their sins to Pope Gossip III or suggest a topic for a genuine new episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where everyone is played by John. Songs on the ukulele, hideously difficult Marbles on Stream races with thousands of channel points up for grabs, and a huge audience which are always made to feel welcome – somehow John manages to keep on top of his chat and responds to as many people as he can.

As nerdy as it is sweary as it is diverse as it is a real community, Robbotron has helped people stay sane, and has also raised over £40, 000 for Mind, Samaritans, End the Virus of Racism, NHS, Black Minds Matter, Special Effect and Woman’s Trust. You’ll find the most wonderful kind of nonsense on John’s channel, a real sense of community, and a host with heart.

The Coaching for Geeks Streamer of the Year 2020 is John Robertson for Robbotron!

“Robbotron is a rollercoaster of supportive sanity in all of lockdown. His perspicacity is phenomenal and his community of mods and chat make it an oasis of fun and support.” Adrian, Coaching for Geeks Community Member

“John has the incredible ability to make everyone feel connected, respected and just a tiny bit confused with his energy, stories and imagination.” – samstreetr

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Congratulations to all our nominees, runners up, and winners!

Community and connection featured heavily in our 2020 winners. Who knows what 2021 will bring? Hopefully we’ll see you all for the Coaching for Geeks Awards 2021!

And don’t forget, if you want to have your say in 2021, be sure to join the Coaching for Geeks Community.

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