An Essential Guide to Keeping Your Android Safe From Attackers Online

Sep 07, 2021


Today’s digital world is a far cry from the days when the main source of worry was forgetting to bring along chargers. With today’s smartphones, penople have access to a whole new set of tools and utilities which make life a lot easier in a multitude of ways. However, this also makes everyone more prone to cybercriminal activity – an angle most people hardly consider when thinking about their phone safety. This article will look at some essential tips on how to better protect your Android phone from online attackers.

Keep Your Phone Updated   

The first line of defense against malware is always going to be the updates for both your Android-based device and the apps installed on it. As soon as you power on your device, Google is looking out for potential issues that might affect your phone or any of the apps on it. 

This ranges from security vulnerabilities to different types of bugs that would either crash an app or render it useless. As soon as they are detected, these are patched with updates rolled out by Google at regular intervals so that users can quickly download the latest version and enjoy the most recent features without worrying about security.

To keep track of all available updates, you should go over to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. From here you can check for software updates manually or select to automatically fetch them via Wi-Fi network. It’s important not to ignore these updates because failing to download them leaves your user vulnerable to known threats which could be avoided with one simple update.

Download An Antivirus Software 

No matter how secure and reliable your Android device is, you need to keep in mind that it’s still a computer. This means that it’s more than capable of getting infected by all kinds of viruses and malware, just like any other computing device out there.     

To help protect users as best as possible, Google has included a scanning feature within the default settings of every phone, which inspects apps before they are installed for any malicious content. Yet given the nature of software, this kind of built-in security can easily be compromised if an attacker finds a flaw or bug to take advantage of. This is why downloading the top Android AV’s is recommended. They are specifically designed to keep your phone safe from any online attackers, especially malware.

Organize Your Apps

Just like every computer user would organize their files into proper folders, you should also do the same for your apps on Android. Fetching all of them from different sources can make it difficult to quickly find a specific one, making you prone to cybercriminals who might take advantage of this by sending out an app that looks similar but is actually engineered specifically for taking over your phone without your knowledge. 

This would be especially easy if you are tricked into downloading an APK file disguised as an update or any other software rich with features that seem too good to be true.

Ensuring that all-important apps are put under lock and key within dedicated folders will help save time when looking for specific ones, while also adding additional security since you will have to enter a password or fingerprint if you want to use that app.

Be Proactive 

The best way to handle security issues with Android devices is not only to follow proactive measures but also to be quick on taking action before anything bad happens. One of the most common mistakes smartphone owners make when thinking about their device’s protection is neglecting simple steps like changing default settings. This means checking every setting multiple times, just in case you might have missed something that should be changed before you expose your phone to other possible dangers.

Protect Your Device From Unwanted Factory Reset 

One of the most important aspects of protecting your Android phone is ensuring that no one else gets access to it either through theft or by using factory reset features. If someone gains physical access to your device, nothing can stop them from doing whatever they desire, which could include stealing personal data or removing all applications and content stored on the device. 

This is why it’s very necessary to set up a screen lock PIN, Passcode, pattern lock, Face Recognition, etc to secure your phone in case it goes missing. Even with this protection active, there’s still an option for users who want to make sure no one has the ability to use factory reset features. 

The entire purpose of this guide is to inform you that your phone can be hacked if you do not take the proper precautions. Changing a few settings and downloading antivirus apps will ensure that your device stays protected from attackers online. Organize your apps, protect your device from unwanted factory reset, and stay proactive in taking care of security issues with Android devices so no one else has the chance to take advantage of you.



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