8 Successful Traffic-Generation Strategies Every Business Needs To Know

Aug 21, 2020


The advancements in modern technology have truly transformed how businesses are run in this modern-day and age. Business owners can now leverage digital channels to reach out to their target market. This is because more and more people are resorting to the internet in search of any information, product, or service that they need. As a result, businesses strive to establish a strong online presence, usually through the creation of their official website. Aside from this, businesses also persevere to drive traffic into their site to attract their target market. If you are a business owner, below are some proven strategies that will generate traffic to your site.


1. Implement SEO

One of the most effective traffic-generation strategies is the implementation of search engine optimization or SEO. According to Matthew Woodward, a digital marketing expert, no matter how great one website is if the people are not aware that it exists, the information that it contains will not be maximized. 

This is where SEO comes in because it encompasses the factors that you need to focus on so that the algorithms of the search engines will pick your site and put it at the top spot of the search results whenever a user enters a keyword in your niche. If your site is among the top search results, the users will most likely click on your link and visit your site. This is because most users find it inconvenient to click on the succeeding pages of the search results and would rather click on the first link available.

2. Integrate infographics

Another proven traffic-generation strategy that you can implement to garner more visitors to your site is the integration of infographics. People tend to be more engaged and stay on a page if they find the information that they see helpful and relevant. However, people will also likely bounce if they find the content quite boring and difficult to understand, no matter how beefed up the text may be. Since most users are visual learners, they will find infographics easier to comprehend, without being boring.

3. Concentrate on mobile usability

More and more people use their smartphones and handheld gadgets to surf the web. Thereby, if your website is not yet usable in these devices, such that it doesn’t automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen of the gadget, then better redevelop your site to conform to mobile usability. If people find it hard to access your content through their mobile devices, then they will most likely visit other sites that are easier to use.

4. Be active in social media

Being active on various social media platforms can also help drive more visitors to your site. For instance, you can post on your Facebook or Instagram account and add a link to your website which they can conveniently click. You can also answer questions posted in sites like Quora or Reddit and likewise, drop in the link of your website whenever appropriate. These are subtle and free methods of promoting your site to more viewers.

5. Host free webinars

When you host webinars, people will get the chance to interact with you. This is also your chance in building your credibility by sharing your expertise, skills, and knowledge. As soon as you have established your knowledge in the field and interacted with your target market, they will be more curious to go and visit your site.

6. Consider email marketing

Through email marketing, you will be able to generate more traffic to your site. A perfectly timed email blast can do wonders when it comes to your website traffic stats. This is true even if email marketing is known as one of the traditional methods to advertise. Just keep in mind not to bombard your recipients with every single update about your business because instead of helping drive users to your site, the effect may be otherwise.

7. Research your competition

If you want to stay on top of your game in terms of generating traffic to your site, it will also help if you exert the extra effort to research your competition. In this way, you will have a good idea in terms of the methods that work for them, which you can benchmark for your website too. In parallel to this, you will also gain an insight into their loopholes, which you can further improve and use to your advantage.

8. Purchase ads

Aside from the organic methods to generate traffic to your site, there is also the option for you to purchase ads to promote your website to garner more viewers. Paid search is a sure-fire way to attract visitors to your site because your page is put right in front of your target market. The great part is that you can even adjust your paid strategies to suit your business needs, such as targeting a certain demographic or increase your conversions aside from driving traffic to your site. The key is in carefully thinking about your objectives and acting upon it accordingly.


Final Word

There are several things that you can try to drive traffic to your site but the most effective ones include the implementation of an SEO strategy that will make your site more visible to users. Alongside this, you can also incorporate infographics on your page to capture the attention of more users and keep them engaged. There is also the option for you to concentrate on the mobile usability of your site since more and more users now find it more convenient to access what they are looking for through their handheld devices.

Being active in various social media platforms will also help you generate more traffic to your site. This is also true if you exert the extra effort to host free webinars that will increase your site’s visibility or even consider email marketing that is a targeted option of promotion. It will also help to research your competition and learn from their successful methods, as well as their mistakes. In the end, there is always the option for you to purchase ads that will create user awareness for your site.

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