Comic Conned? When Conventions Go Bust

comic con Jul 11, 2018

Have you been Comic Conned?

Remember when I wrote about attending Birmingham Horror Con?
I had such a great time; I wanted to attend more of this company’s conventions. London mainly, as I wanted to meet Andy from the Chucky movies. I’d even booked for their Birmingham Halloween event…

Well… this happened 🙁













This is a big blow for the UK horror convention scene. Other companies do have some horror guests; Showmasters have the original Michael Myers, and I’ve recently met the lovely Robert Englund. However, there is not a lot in the UK dedicated to the horror genre. (Pic)


Sarah Jane and Robert Englund



So what happened to Horror Con?

It’s very common for convention companies to use the profits from one con to fund another. The Edinburgh event simply didn’t make enough money. This meant they had to postpone the London event, which in turn led to people wanting refunds, which they then couldn’t honour.

Delays to repayments, a poor communication strategy before going silent.

More refunds. More cancellations. More refunds.

A downward spiral of cash and bad publication led to the demise of the company.

RIP Horror Con.


Supernatural Rogues

This isn’t the first time a convention company has gone this way. Rogue Events went down the same path and people lost £1000s. This was also a company I was fond of. Their cons were the first I attended. I would never have met the Supernatural cast if it wasn’t for them.


Sarah Jane and the Supernatural boys


Refunds and Rudeness

Needless to say, people aren’t happy with this. There are some very nasty comments following the announcement. Understandably so; I suppose people need to voice their opinions on the matter.

This won’t get your money back but I do have some good news for some. You MAY be able to get your money back if you’ve paid by either credit card, or PayPal.

Note that PayPal state that they do not offer refunds for tickets, but some people have got lucky. Credit card payers in the UK have the best chance of a refund, as the card company may be liable under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

You do have to have spent over £100 in a single transaction.

Check out the best guide we found on making a claim through your credit card company.

And if you paid via Paypal check out their advice on making a claim.

For those who have paid cash, or through EventBrite you may not get much luck. However, call your bank to explain the situation.


This Time It’s Personal

My feelings on the whole subject?

I’m a little gutted, this was a great convention. I personally think they spread themselves far too thin too quickly. 1 or 2 events a year in different locations? Fine. But to have lots of events in lots of locations might have been a bit much. I’m sad this company didn’t make it. I’m also hoping another company take its place.


I’m determined to break out a Tiffany cosplay at some point in my life.




Sarah Jane – Queen of Cons




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