7 Ways to Nerd Out in Style

May 12, 2020

If you are an avid gamer or just starting to get into the hobby, you might already be thinking of ways to elevate your style and experience. From mats to screens, there are plenty of ways to add your style to your gaming nights. Here are 7 ways to nerd out in style.

Gaming Table

When you aren’t on the go and competing and playing games at tournaments and conventions, you’re going to be doing most of your gaming at home. Having the perfect gaming table will elevate and game night that you choose to host. You need to make sure your table is big enough to accommodate the number of friends or family that you typically have and that fits the needs of the games you play. For example, if you play any role-playing games, you need to make sure you have enough room on the table for your notes, your dice, the accessories that the Dungeon Master has, and not to mention snacks and drinks. There are many ways to customize your table as well, with drink holders, different types of surfaces, and even LED displays for those that are looking to take their dungeons to the extremes. You may need to have a convertible or adjustable table if you play a variety of games as well, from party games, RPGs, or even the periodic poker night.

Gaming PC

PC master race has arrived. Gaming has been evolving and you will find that many traditional tabletop gamers have found ways to play with their friends and family even when they are unable to meet up physically. The best way to connect with people that could be halfway across the world or even just a few streets away is being able to get into a game room. Your friends will never have an excuse to miss a game night once you are all plugged in.

Custom Playmats

One of the best ways to incorporate your personal style into your gaming hobby is by customizing your playmat. Trading card games and deck building games are all about customization. You already personalize the deck you want with your playstyle, you might as well carry on that to your gaming accessories. You can customize your mats with different pictures that share your personality, but also can print out mats that are tailor-made for the specific game. 


If you are running an RPG adventure and frequently find yourself the main storyteller of the group, one of the nerdiest yet coolest things you can add to elevate your gaming experience is a soundboard. Soundboards add another level of illusion and pull you into the story more. They increase the overall enjoyment by giving you more options to play with. Your RPGs will never be the same after using a soundboard.

Display Shelves and Cabinets

Of course, what game room is complete without the shelves. Every gamer needs to have a sturdy yet open set of shelves that will properly showcase their collection of board games. You want to display your library proudly because as a gamer, you are not shy about what makes you happy and highlight the games that are special to you. It is up to you how you organize it and what games you want to have easy access to. There is something special about having your library of games open to everyone to look through before commencing with your nightly games.  

All Things Dice

Less subtly, like the games you share or the table you own, the dice you play with during your role-playing adventures will draw attention from your mates. If you are the dungeon master that leads your friends on their adventures, you can’t let your group feel they have the upper hand on you, and this includes your dice. You can add more personality to your games with custom dice, dice towers, and dice trays, that will all, pardon the pun, change the game.  

Sleeves and Deck Boxes

If you are serious about gaming, you’ll find yourself at conventions and tournaments all the time. This also means that you’ll need accessories that are not only portable but protect your cards. This helps because you don’t want to just be playing on sketchy surfaces like food tables, floors, carpets that risk damaging your decks.

It’s simple and effective. It provides both flash and functionality. Add your personality and style with some custom card sleeves that will both protect your deck, but also tell your opponents and friends this is yours and you mean business. Of course, you need a way to carry your cards, and customizing your deck box is that additional personal flare.

At the end of the day, gaming is bringing people together. It’s something personal and yet you share that experience with others. There are tons of ways to increase your love for the hobby to keep your gaming on.



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