6 Ways Social Media is Killing Your Job Hunt

careers Oct 08, 2018

Your Social Media presence represents your employability – use it to your advantage.


I’m a Xellenial. The first part of my childhood was largely free of technology – no mobiles never mind smartphones, no internet, 4 channels on the telly (3 for the first 5 years of my life) with remote controls being a luxury.

The latter part saw the first mobile phones that didn’t need a briefcase battery, the early days of the internet with memes such as the dancing babyhamster dance, and I kiss you!



We didn’t have to worry about social media back then.

I was 25 when Facebook launched and it wouldn’t be till years later when the public would get its first taste of the blue and white screen that would infiltrate all facets of society.

All facets. Including your job hunt.


6 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Job Hunt – And How To Stop That Happening

Oh there’s so many now, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Ask.fm, Quora, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest, Meetup… and there’s literally hundreds more covering niches of every kind. All it takes is one wrong comment on one site and your chances of finding a new job are scuppered. 55% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on their social media profiles.

Scary stuff, but you can reduce the risk – we can show you show. This has a bit of a Facebook flavor, but can be applied to most social networks.

What do your social media profiles say about your employability?


One that should be so simple be oh my god SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET AND I MUST back away from the crazies. Sure, I have argued plenty with antivaxxers, climate change deniers, flat earthers, any kind of anti science twattery may have been exposed to me being a dick to them.

I have my own business and am not looking for a job. If you are on the hunt you should rein it in – remember anything you post, even in a locked down profile, could become public.



Text speak and emojis may well be the way of the world, but a recruiter who finds your profile won’t be impressed by it. Mostly. Admittedly this is four years old and things change, but a Jobvite survey found that 66% of employers looked on poor spelling and grammar, on social media, negatively.



It just doesn’t look good. Yes, let’s employ the whiner; they’ll be a good fit.

It’s horrible for your personal brand. It probably annoys your friends. Yes you need an outlet, but that outlet doesn’t have to be public. Friends only if you must, in person over a beer is best.



Speaking of a beer, I like one or three. Or a wine. Or a gin and tonic. Or a scotch. Or a cocktail. Man I’m thirsty. Boozehoundery does not look good. ‘100% death’ the next day does not look good. Eyes rolling back in your head does not look good…

You have to cultivate a professional online appearance, if you must post those (check out my own FB and you’ll find plenty over the years) then set them to friends only.



Photos of your kids? Dog? A flag? An anime character? Seriously this last one is the worst and is generally favoured by the fedora wearing neckbeards who have no social or professional skills – don’t want to get lumped in with the prevailing opinion? Don’t do it.

Get a decent headshot, get your hair done, groom yourself, smile. Professional, friendly, employable.



Use your name. Have some profiles that are findable by recruiters – they expect to be able to track you down. If you do lock everything down so that you can be more open, be wary of who you add as a friend. Do you REALLY know that person or are they a recruiter looking for info?

It’s up to you to cultivate a professional public image. Your next, greatest, employer could be watching.




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