6 Great Apps Every Music Lover Needs To Know

Nov 27, 2020


In this era of modern technology, it isn’t surprising to find your smartphone or laptop capable of doing anything. When it comes to music, you will find hundreds of software programs and mobile applications to help you pursue your passion for music. It’s really fascinating what you can find on any app store.

As a music lover, you’ll probably be looking for the typical applications: ones that have a vast library and an array of options to customize your playlists, another to recognize a song that you don’t know, and maybe a karaoke application. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a list of the most popular music apps to fit your tastes.

1.   Spotify

Spotify has become a staple on each and every smart device. Because it has both a software program and an application on iOS and Android, you’ll find it relatively easy to synchronize your musical activity on your devices without a hassle. It is also great for those who like to group their music into playlists or personalize their account so that the app will recommend music similar to their taste. Spotify can also provide hundreds of podcasts, which you can have access to at any time of the day. Of course, the application and the software are for free, but it is highly recommended that you subscribe and get unlimited access to all Spotify has to offer.

2.   Viddly

It is common to find a song on YouTube but not find it on any other music app. Sure, you might get covers done by other artists, but it won’t be easy to find the original song on the program’s music library, which will be irritating, especially that this happens a lot. In that case, you can download YouTube videos and make a library of your Youtube downloads in an mp3 format, which means that you won’t have to play a video to listen to your favorite music. Instead, you can simply download it, convert it to an mp3 format or any other format of your choosing, and play it on any of your devices. Viddly makes listening to music an easy and convenient experience.

3.   TuneIn

Like Spotify, TuneIn will allow you to listen to music across several devices. What’s great about TuneIn is that it will offer music, sports, talk, and news radio, as it has over 70,000 stations. After TuneIn’s website was revamped and launched for use, it included several handy features, including the Trending feature, which allows the listeners to know what’s trending across the world and know what is happening live on radio stations according to their tastes and listening habits. You can also schedule reminders, so you won’t have to miss any live content. You’ll also get a live screen both on the app and the website from which you can pick a topic and have an array of titles that will change once there is something new.

4.   Napster

Because Napster was around for a little while, you might think that it has nothing new to offer, but this app keeps innovating new ideas to suit your listening habits, like organizing music and collections. It has so far accumulated over one million members and has over 16 million tracks that you can listen to at any time. Napster, like many other apps, has an app subscription that will allow you to listen to an unlimited number of tracks without restrictions or ads.

5.   Lucky Voice Karaoke

Everybody enjoys karaoke. That’s why you’ll find hundreds of karaoke apps both on iOS and Android stores. Unfortunately, not all of them are that great; however, Lucky Voice Karaoke is a personal favorite for many music lovers. On Lucky Voice Karaoke, you’ll find over 9,000 tracks of classic and contemporary anthems, which you can play on any of your devices, but make sure that your device is connected to a karaoke station for the optimal experience.

6.   SoundHound

Sure, Shazam may have helped you multiple times in finding your favourite songs, but let’s just face it, you might still be struggling to name a tune that even Shazam can’t find. In that case, you can resort to SoundHound, which can exactly know what track you’re playing/ singing/ humming. It can also identify which album you’re listening to, along with its release date and lyrics. SoundHound is better than any other similar apps as it provides its users with an array of options and useful info, like personal info on the singer. It can also identify tracks or tunes with the highest degree of accuracy.

With these apps, you will find your musical needs fulfilled. Keep in mind that not all of these apps for free, but the subscription benefits are certainly worth it. Music should be easily accessible, so instead of creating barriers, these apps will help you listen to all the tracks you love.



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