5 Ways to Repurpose Live Streams

content creation video Oct 17, 2022
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Last week we talked about content creation burnout and how repurposing content can help mitigate it. Here are some ways you can reuse your live streams.


Nowadays, video content is more popular than ever. People are using it for entertainment, education, and community building. And one live stream can be turned into many different types of content, like the live stream itself, a replay video, a video on demand, a podcast episode, or a blog post.

You don't need a lot of expensive equipment or a video production team. All you need is a good plan for how you'll repurpose your live stream before you start broadcasting.


  1. As a Promotion

Even after a live video has aired, it can still attract viewers. This is because once a live video is over, it becomes a replay video. And fortunately, you can promote replay videos. To do this, take sections of your replay videos that will entice viewers and create teaser clips.

These clips can be used as video ads on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other major social platforms. Additionally, you can include a call to action at the end of the clip.


  1. For Email Campaigns

As marketers are just starting to realise, developing a personal connection with their target audience is important. If you wait for your audience to find your video, you'll lose many of them. Instead, use email marketing services to remind your subscribers about your content.

When you turn live videos into shorter clips, you get more than one chance to connect with your viewers. You can also use these repurposed videos and the written email copy to validate the information in the video.


  1. As Lead Magnets for More Traffic

The opportunities that come with live streaming are limitless. With technological advances today, hosting a webinar, panel discussion, or live event is easy.

You'll quickly have many live videos that can be repurposed. You could generate a wealth of content, video clips, and graphics that can be used as lead magnets across the internet.

Creating slideshows from videos can help you create a wide range of presentation materials, including memes, GIFs, and more. You're giving your audience even more value by repurposing videos into slideshows.

Remember that short videos can also be used as visuals in your other content, like blog posts, ebooks, and PDFs.


  1. Mash-Up Videos

If you have long videos full of useful information, people will be happy to watch them. You can make long videos more digestible by creating a mash-up video that combines the best clips from your live stream content.

To create a mash-up video, simply download your live stream videos and drop them into video editing software. Then mix the repurposed live videos with some stock music to create an engaging, dynamic video. Once you're done, you can share your mash-up video on your blog, landing pages, and social media.


  1. Shared Videos on Social Media Platforms

There's no doubt that short videos are all the rage on social media. Thanks to TikTok's popularity, many other platforms are now investing in their own short video capabilities. And it's no surprise why people love short videos—they're quick and easy to consume.

Suppose you want to repurpose videos as part of your social media marketing strategy, great! Just stick to the platform guidelines regarding aspect ratio, maximum length, etc.



Nowadays, people are looking for engaging video content everywhere. If you're a business just getting started with live streaming, you can use the tips in this article to generate even more views.

Most of all, you need to have a plan for how you'll repurpose your live streams. Without one, you'll lose out on a lot of opportunities.

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