5 Things to Try to Get More Viewers on Twitch

streaming Aug 30, 2021



A little preamble here, I know things aren’t great on Twitch right now, with ongoing hate raids and follow botting making it a less safe and less fun palce to be. Since I wrote this a boycott was announced to take place on 1st of September 2021. Hit Twitch where it hurts, right in their pocket.

If everyone’s turned against Twitch, ignore this and go to places that nurture and supports its streamers. Something has to change.

In one way or another, every streamer has struggled with the challenge of getting more viewers to watch their stream. Some were successful in dealing with it, but many continue to scramble around to find a way to solve it.

It’s difficult to overcome this obstacle. But to make matters worse, the growing number of new streamers on Twitch takes the problem to another level as competition is getting stiffer. As a result, many streamers quit without even trying too much.

Nonetheless, attracting viewers to your stream is not an impossible feat. Take professional streamers as an example. Just like any other Twitch streamer, most of them started with nothing. Sure, some have had an advantage before they began to stream on Twitch, but most started from scratch.

Obviously, it takes a lot of effort to get more viewers on Twitch. So to give you a helping hand, here are ways you can attract more people to view your stream. And you should go and download our free guide to growing your Twitch stream from scratch too.

1. Be Smart in Choosing a Game to Stream

Logic dictates that people will most likely watch streams of new or popular games. Unfortunately, that also means that competition will be heavy, as most streamers will probably think the same.

With that said, it would be wiser to start small. Choose to stream games with a smaller scale of viewers to make your channel more visible. Check out Sully Gnome for stats on whats’s most played and most watched, and work with some solid data.

2. Stick to a Definite Streaming Schedule

Unlike other streaming sites, Twitch streams are live. This means that you’ll have to let people know when you’ll be streaming, so they can tune into your live stream. Sure, you can reuse content for YouTube, but peopel are far less likely to watch VODs than they are live streaming content. One way to do this is to announce when you’ll be streaming next time, but it’s a lot more practical to set a streaming schedule your viewers can follow.

Remember to follow your streaming schedule, though. If you say that you’ll be streaming five days a week, your viewers will expect you to keep your word. Thus, it’s better to set a reasonable streaming schedule you can keep.

3. Interact With Your Viewers

A piece of helpful Twitch advice to keep in mind is that a silent stream is no better than having no stream at all. Interacting with your audience is an important element of building a solid Twitch fan base. As a streamer, it’s crucial that you understand the value of keeping your viewers interested in your stream to encourage them to follow and subscribe to your channel.

When you have the chance, answer comments and questions from your audience. It’s also a must to shout out to those who show you support. In this way, your viewers will find your stream a lot more enjoyable and engaging.

4. Mind the Quality of Your Stream

Perhaps you’ve watched a fair amount of streams before you started streaming yourself. With that experience, you already probably know that the quality of your stream does affect the number of viewers you have. Even if you have fresh content, no one will watch it if your stream is glitchy and grainy. It would be helpful to invest in high-quality equipment to give your audience a better streaming experience.

5. Try Out New Things

If you’ve ever searched how to be successful on Twitch or how to get more Twitch subscribers, you’ll find that fresh and new content is a staple search result you’ll get from top Twitch help articles.

This notion is often overused, but that doesn’t mean there’s no truth in it. Trying out new things—even crazy ones—is a sure way to draw in your audience. Even if an idea sounds bizarre, it can make for compelling content. Sometimes, you’ll even see your viewers root for you when embarking on odd game challenges in your stream.


There’s no use getting worked up on strategies and techniques to get more viewers on Twitch. If you give it more thought, you’ll find that the key to drawing in more people to watch your stream is to make it as enjoyable as you can. After all, it is fun that will bring people to continue watching your stream.

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