5 Things That Can Get More People to Listen to Your Podcast

podcasting Dec 08, 2021


For podcasters, engagement and growth are essential in order to make it profitable and sustainable. It’s also just a good feeling when you expand your network and get to connect with like-minded individuals that enjoy your content. If you’ve already got the basics up and running but want to learn how to grow a podcast audience, consider these essential tips.

Interact With Your Listeners

Depending on the format of your podcast, you can really benefit from making your listeners feel legitimately included in the conversation. There’s something about the chance to create a conversation and be mentioned in the program that draws more modern listeners in. 

You can easily achieve this simply by setting aside a segment where you interact with listeners, be it in a live setting or by having them send in questions or prompts. 

Get Active on Social Media

Growing your online presence can largely rely on your social networking activity. If you’re not sure how to use social media to get more podcast downloads, the answer is simple – Call to Action. You can directly engage with your audience and straight-up direct them toward your content with linking and the like. You can also post easily shareable content that promotes your podcast.

To start a dedicated following and establish your ‘brand’, you need to be on a social media platform and start posting. If you can create a relationship with your target audience on their socials, you have a better chance of converting them to podcast listeners.

Create Supporting Content

You can supplement your podcast with other forms of content. Consider making a YouTube channel with footage of your episodes or making a blog that tackles the same topics as your podcast. The more ways to connect with your brand, the more buzz and credibility you generate. 

Hold Giveaways

Since the middle ages, people have loved free stuff. People appreciate free stuff even more when there’s a sense of earning it. In the case of your podcast, you can get this checkbox ticked with a giveaway! Simply set up your conditions, make sure you’ve got the proper legalities covered, and promote it on your official channels.

It prompts engagement from your listeners and starts roots in your podcast’s profitability in terms of getting partners or sponsors. 

Get On More Mobile Platforms

One could argue that it is the golden age of mobile devices. After all, over 5 billion people have mobile devices today. Even in India, where only a fourth of the population owns a smartphone, that translates to almost 350 million smartphone users. This means you shouldn’t just focus on web platforms and interfaces.

You need to set up that RSS Feed and make sure you register your podcast in the various mobile app directories today. There is a huge market of people that want to listen to podcasts from an app while they go about their day, so go big and get on multiple apps.


These tips are hardly all-encompassing, but they should definitely be on your game plan if you want to reach a wider audience. As long as you use the right podcasting tools and stay consistent, you should be able to keep bringing your content to people. 

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