5 Surefire Ways to get More Views on Instagram Reels

social media video Nov 07, 2021



They say imitation is the best form of flattery, which is why Instagram recently announced its short video platform: Instagram Reels! The app lets users shoot and publish 15–30 second videos with audio effects, visual effects, creative tools, and even a multi-clip function!

Due to Instagram’s one billion user base, COVID-19, and TikTok’s ban in certain countries, Reels gained rapid popularity as a means to spread fun, laughter, and inspiration across digital space.

If you are one of the 50 million content creators who want to get more blog traffic or grow a personal brand, Instagram Reels is another social medium to monetise content. But as a new platform, its developers are still fine-tuning back-end concerns since its algorithm is still wonky, which could affect the virality of videos.

Not to worry! While the back-end results are not within your area of responsibility, creativity is! Here are five sure-fire ways to get more views on Instagram Reels!

Find Your Market

Marketing is what separates you as a content creator from all the would-be influencers. Promote one aspect of yourself that will grow a personal brand.

To determine your market, figure out your hobbies, passions, and skills. Create self-defence shorts if you are proficient in a martial art or two. Post clips of musical rudiments if you play an instrument. Publish behind-the-scenes footage of your cooking or baking that includes autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)!

Use Audio and Visual Signatures

Audio and visual sound bites signal viewers that they’re watching your content. Continuing from the first method, placing a logo at the shorts’ intro is a great way to introduce your brand visually!

Pair visual signatures with audio sound bites as well! You can preface self-defence content with a short battle shout. A clip of drum rudiments can start with a kick-snare sound or audio of drumsticks hitting a tom-tom. Cooking shorts can begin with the ASMR of a sizzling grill.

Maximise Instagram Reels’ Tools

Do not repost videos from other platforms as the app compresses the quality, leading to low-res audiovisuals. Recreate or update those posts by recording anew with Instagram Reels. That way, you can touch up, add audio, or filters to content, so they are high-quality and get you more traffic and social engagement.

Hashtags Are Still Relevant

Though cliche, hashtags are still relevant in Instagram as long as you use the right ones, that is. Like search engine optimisation (SEO), proper keywords and hashtags in videos get more blog traffic and views, thus helping you grow a personal brand.

Borrowing from an example from above, use keywords such as #selfdefence if you want to reach out to netizens interested in martial arts and gain organic views. Conversely, when the content posted is unrelated, do not hack hashtags for more views, like using #love (found in over two billion posts as of this writing) if your video is about determining the best way to disarm an attacker.

Be Consistent

Lastly, Instagram Reels follows the cardinal rule its social media predecessors have maintained over time: post consistently. Publishing content regularly is how you communicate with your audience and let them know you are there for them.

Whether four shorts per week or seven shorts per week, the important thing is to post consistently for higher chances of visits converting into sales.

In Closing

New social media takes a bit of getting used to its features, changes, and updates. When followed, these five sure-fire tips lead to viral, quality content that brings more views and boosts sales for your brand.

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