5 Best Practices in Advertising New Podcast Shows Online

podcasting May 30, 2022



Although podcasts are everyone’s cup of tea during the pandemic, new and upcoming programs still struggle to reach the number of listeners every podcast aims for. But through effective advertising campaigns, podcasts can rise to the occasion and deliver organic numbers—even as starters. But as podcasting companies, what are the best practices in advertising to help the show attract, sustain, and grow listeners online? Here are some examples.


  1. Get Podcasts Listed in Directories


In the same way that libraries categorise books by genre and author, podcast directories do the same for podcasts. These sites, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn, help listeners discover new podcasts and the ones they like. Podcast directories are also helpful to brands because they can connect with potential listeners.

To improve the visibility of a podcast’s brand, hosting it in directories will help podcasts rank high in podcasts searches. It will bring listeners to the brand, which builds loyalty to the brand and eventually turns into a paid audience. Sponsored podcasts also get listed in podcast directories. For example, if you host a podcast on a topic of interest to a brand, this podcast directory helps you attract their attention.


  1. Create a Website

A podcast website is the “face” of podcast marketing. It provides details about the podcast, such as its schedule, show notes, and downloading. More importantly, it can feature additional content such as articles and quick guides complementing the podcast.

There are also opportunities to add videos, a program transcript, and other podcast-related content. A podcast website can be a stand-alone site or a subdomain, depending on the preference of the podcaster.


  1. Start a Newsletter

Most podcast directories allow audiences to sign up for a podcast newsletter. It is an effective way to build loyalty and trust, providing giveaways and other free incentives. The newsletter also acts as a platform to share new updates and episodes.

You can effectively push content on social platforms and link it back to the podcast’s website. Overall, it’s a great way to encourage podcast listeners to return to the website and continue listening.


  1. Maximise the Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach potential listeners. By using hashtags and finding the most engaging way to get their attention, you can drive your podcast to increase numbers. Listeners also get drawn by influencers, who are sometimes guest speakers on podcasts.

Social media platforms can also act as a tool to reach out to podcast listeners. By directly addressing the audience, it is easier to build a personality for the podcast and relate more actively with listeners.


  1. Connect with Other Podcasters

No matter the niche, there are always other podcasters in your podcast niche. There are various “podcasters’ events” and meetups where you can meet like-minded podcasters, share ideas, and build collaborations for your podcast. Understandably, you’re not going to have the same audience if you have a podcast on photography and another on gardening, for example. But if you can work together, you can still explore ways to advertise your podcast to your potential audience.



Podcasts are still relatively new in the digital media world. You can create and advertise a podcast that attracts loyal listeners and, eventually, paid audiences with the right tools.

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