Find Your Super-You

personal development Apr 26, 2020


Hi I’m Aaron, co-host of the LIFT Fitness Podcast. Following our recent episode (episode 18) with Shabna Rajah, I’ve thought a lot about who “Super-Aaron” would be. That is, the version of me that draws on elements of superheroes to be the best, super-est, Aaron. 

I actually came up with a few different things: he’d be a little bit more consistent with what he does. He would definitely be more efficient in a sense of habit building and carrying out tasks instead of procrastinating. Finally, I think he’d be an absolute learning machine and be ridiculously smart.

Granted, I’m not saying that I’m not consistent, efficient or smart; but he would have more of these attributes.

The quote: “You are enough, but you can be more” comes to mind as I’m writing this.


What would I do?

One thing I’m starting to do is reflect on my choices, and think about things from a different point of view. To think about what the best version of myself would do in that situation.

I think this is incredibly simple, but typically it’s the simplest things that are the hardest to maintain and keep doing.

I didn’t realise until I had a conversation about it, but I think my Super-Aaron would be more like Tony Stark (Iron Man). So whenever a situation comes up where I have a choice on what I can do, I just think about what Tony Stark would do.

Tony Stark isn’t real, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by or take certain aspects of his personality and bring them into my own.


Likewise, there is nothing stopping you from thinking the same way.

Whether that’s the work ethic and drive that Tony Montana showed off in Scarface, the bravery and willingness of Captain America to make sacrifices, the resilience of Wolverine (I’m clearly a big superhero fan), or even the loyalty that Woody has toward Andy in Toy Story.

The list you can choose from is endless.


Mix and Match

The best part? You get to choose what parts of different people, real or fictional, you take on board to create a Super-You.

Your Super-You doesn’t have to be achieving and doing – right now the Super-You is just what you need to get through the current situation. Resilience, self-care, the kindness and humour of Spider-Man, the resourcefulness of Batman, the courage of Robin (all of them). 

You could even give that person a different name like Davie Montgomery III (hopefully no one reading this is called that…)

This is just something that I’ve been thinking about a lot at the moment.

Feel free to let me know which fictional characters you feel inspired by or wish you shared traits with in the comments.


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