4 Tips to Making It Big As a YouTube Content Creator

content creation youtube Mar 03, 2022

2022 is the year of the geeks, and the pandemic has undoubtedly made video games and computers one of the top industries. Streaming is one of the most popular jobs that everyone is trying to capitalise on, and YouTube channels are flourishing with tons of subscribers. Who would have thought that some nerds who could formerly only play video games after clocking out at 5 could actually take their hobby full-time and make a living? 

We all have our favourite internet personalities, and these men and women are the epitome of geek confidence. Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips is thriving while building computers and playing games with his multi-million subscriber YouTube channel. He’s living the geek’s dream surrounded by all the different kinds of technology possible. So, what’s the trick to getting enough views and subscribers on your YouTube channel as a nerd? Here’s what you have to do to make it in the online entertainer sphere:


1. Find Your Niche and Create Engaging Content

Some of the biggest nerds online have found their niche as content creators, which they capitalise on to amass a following. Find something you’re good at and zero in on that specific niche. For instance, Taeha Types rose to be the largest Mechanical Keyboard content creator by focusing on having a beautiful setup and growing his streamer confidence while building keyboards online. He was eventually contacted by some of the most significant streamers and personalities to create customised boards, which put his name on the online map. 

Taeha knows his audience and is extremely confident about his knowledge of the topic. Don’t try to force yourself into a niche you don’t like just to try and make money, because the energy you’ll give off won’t be genuine and you’ll burn out fast. If you like playing tactical and realistic video games, focus on making content for those kinds of games rather than playing the popular choices that you don’t exactly enjoy. 


2. Publish Videos Frequently

If you really want to make it in the YouTube and streaming world, you’ll have to create content relatively often. Once a week is fairly infrequent. A better goal is to produce at least bi-weekly videos. You’ll also want to make sure your content is original and engaging, which not all content creators consider. Subscribers want to see unique creators who have confidence in their abilities, ensuring that this is optimised. 


3. Use SEO and Other Social Media Marketing Methods

Geek confidence will be required to put yourself out there. Your YouTube channel alone won’t get views in the sea of millions of uploaded videos daily, so you’ll have to pitch your videos to people and friends online. Send a link to your YouTube videos over social media platforms, or write about your recent content posts on your blog with SEO content methods in the piece. These methods will allow people to find your content and share them with other people, further driving your chances of success. 


SEO will bring in the viewers


4. Make Do With What You Have

Many people invest heavily in their streaming and YouTube setups, only to realise that they don’t have the confidence and abilities to make content. Viewers want to see nice setups, but they are more likely to subscribe if they have unique content and a great personality driving the channel. There are many YouTubers who started with nothing, but made a name for themselves over time, which allowed them to invest heavily in their setups and overall channel. Build your geek confidence first, which will enable you to move on to the higher levels of content creation before going all out. 



Developing confidence is the bottom line of being an influential content creator. The best channels you find on YouTube started from the bottom, found their foothold in the online world,  and then worked their way to the top. Work on your abilities and find your niche to dominate, because YouTube is a job anyone can take on and try to succeed in. 

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