4 Real-World Benefits to Playing Board Games

personal development tabletop gaming Jan 14, 2021


Board games are making a powerful comeback in today’s digitally-driven marketplace, attracting geeks everywhere as table-top titles prove to be just as thrilling as the triple-A games in stores. Beyond settling your boredom, board games can do wonders in bringing people together and they can also build real-world skills that can improve your character even after game over. 

Various board games require critical thinking, collaboration, and eager involvement, which shows how the power of play can be a productive pastime that helps improve the following life-changing abilities: 


Benefit #1: Strategy Building and Logic 

Almost every tabletop game requires a certain level of strategic thinking, especially when it comes to competitive titles that require planning and foresight to win the game. Chess is, of course, the ultimate brain-booster since it requires players to take logical steps and anticipate their rival’s next move. 


Benefit #2: Communication and Negotiation 

Not all strategies involve upping the other plays. In many cases, you need to look at the bigger picture and make deals with other players to reach a bigger goal. Classics like Settlers of Catan, for example, can help develop one’s sense of resource management and negotiation skills since it revolves around gathering resources. 

You need to analyze your hand and the situation to build cities, roads, and settlements, which means you have to strategize with other players to win the game. This teaches that working with other people can open up new possibilities, even if the endgame is to reach the top yourself. 


Benefit #3: Patience 

If there’s one thing every game has in common, it’s that all of them can help improve one’s patience. Games require a person to sit back when other players need to make their move, or hold back on pushing your plans forward if it isn’t the right time. 

Having patience can give you more clarity when it comes to planning, organizing, and prioritizing your strategy, allowing you to survive roadblocks and ensure you try harder if you lose the current round. 


Benefit #4: Collaboration 

While some games require players to negotiate, others need everyone to combine their wits to reach the group’s end goal. Communicating with each other is trickier than it seems, so playing board games can help teach people how to listen and play to each other’s strengths. 


The Bottom Line: How Picking Up the Dice can Help Build your Character in Real Life 

Board games are a fun way to unplug from your daily routine and bond with friends, families, or even strangers. However, the experience goes beyond simply having fun since many games play pivotal roles in brain development – allowing players to pick up critical skills that they can use to move forward in the real world. 

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