4 Job Opportunities Available in ESports

careers gaming Jul 15, 2020


Have you ever wondered whether esports is a viable career path? Well it can be, but you might be surprised that playing games is not the only job opportunity in this field.

Sure, being the top player in your team and winning big leagues can net you plenty of money, but with gaming events getting more complicated and bigger by the year, other skills are growing in demand. Marketing, for instance, plays a massive role in esports because ads are what penetrate the market to bring in enormous attention (and revenue).

For those who are not born with elite gaming skills and ungodly reflexes, there are still plenty of opportunities in the industry. Some of them are listed below:

1. Player

Of course, when we talk about esports, we have to talk about the players. With big money involved as well as plenty of contracts at stake, finding yourself as an athlete in this scene can net you a lot of money. In fact, in some cases, players are enjoying pay of over $100,000 every year.

That said, the path to becoming a professional gamer is not an easy one. It takes full commitment in order to learn a game, all the way from its specific mechanics to broader game knowledge. Plus, only a handful of those who show exceptional skill will be picked for major competitions.

2. Marketer

Many of the brands that hold these competitions need to heavily invest in marketing. After all, only through marketing can they build a solid fan base that is willing to spend plenty of hours and money on their favourite games. 

These games typically come with their own merchandise as well. Since these products are a great source of additional revenue, marketing them is also an extremely vital priority to the success of the business.

3. Event Planner

With the growth of esports’ popularity, more and more competitions are being held every year. Plus, with plenty of new games coming out, it only makes sense that more events are going to take place. 

Because of this, the esports industry is always in demand for event organizers and planners. They understand that it is not only the game itself that makes a competition successful, but also all the other festivities and events that come along with it. This can include music shows, live broadcasting, and other aspects of the events that only a professional planner can put together.

4. Coach

For those with plenty of game knowledge but more leadership skills than gaming skills, the role of an analyst or a coach can serve them well.

Coaches are vital in any esports team. With their help, the strength and weaknesses of each member can be identified. The coaches can then get to work to help the players perform better and learn from their mistakes.

In addition to this, a coach’s job will also include taking care of the player’s wellbeing, from keeping their residences clean to ensuring that they are healthy and fit for the gaming life.


As well as the positions we have shared, there are many other jobs you can find in the esports scene. From being a content creator to becoming a game developer, these jobs all work together to make the industry a success.

Without the many people working in the industry, esports would never have become as successful as it is today. If you want to be a part of this great big community, smile knowing that there are plenty of opportunities for you to contribute!

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